KPU- What is it?

What is KPU?

“Kryptopyrroluria (KPU) is a condition in which patients become zinc,  biotin, B6, manganese, and omega-6 fatty acid deficient. As a result and in part, ‘their immune systems are like soldiers with guns without bullets’, says Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.”   A “condition whereby the body” is unable to process and results “in severe mineral deficiencies.” [1]

Is this what is holding many people back from feeling better?


Poor Dream Recall
Spots on you nails (Leukonychia)
Poor breakfast appetite
Stretch marks (striae)
Pale skin, poor tanning
Acne, allergy
Light, sound, odor intolerance
Tremor, shaking, spasms
Hypoglycemia, glucose intolerance
Delayed puberty, impotence
Anxiety / Nervousness
Paranoia / Hallucinations
Perceptual disorganization
Course eyebrows
Knee and joint pain Cold hands or feet
Abdominal tenderness
Mood swings
Amenorrhea, irregular period

If you have these symptoms, please read more at this link:

Dietritch Klinghardt, M.D.’s presentation on HPU / KPU / Pyroluria, Lyme disease and Autism

Here are some helpful articles:

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