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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation:
I’ve almost completed year 2 of treating chronic Lyme, Babesia Duncani and Bartonella. It’s been a very difficult 2 years, actually 10-15 years (how long the doctors now believe I’ve had these diseases.) My story is on my fundraising page:
I’ve decided to move closer to family. That’s an 18+ hour drive, a drastic drop in temperature, a long distance from my friends and my current life. But the move will enable me to cut my living expenses down and pay for more treatment. Another 1-2 years I’m told. I’m maxed out, exhausted and another 1-2 years is not sustainable where I am. I can keep the job I love while having more support around to help during the hard times (aka the crazy weekend meds, the months I’m just short of grocery money, the frustrating and scary hospital stays). I’m moving from a city where I have been struggling to be independent and very mobile – I walk and take public transport everywhere – I do not need a car. To a new city where it is a necessity. I need to put down a security deposit to rent a new home. This move will be positive for me in many ways – most importantly it will enable me to continue aggressively treating and hopefully get to a full remission. However, it’s going to cost me more than I currently have. I’ll need to make some sacrifices, a few months cutting back on treatments, another loan (and very creative home-made Christmas presents!) My wish is to have these relocation expenses paid (without delaying any treatment or going further into debt) and bring me closer to healthy!


Relocation expenses paid. Moving van ($911), movers (aka strong muscles to load/unload – $200), gas $/cards ($500), security deposit for new apartment ($2400), and a reliable car ($2000). I know this is a lot. This is why it’s my “wish”! If I was really being honest, I’d wish for this disease to be gone. To stop hurting me. To stop draining my well-earned paychecks and savings. To stop disrupting any and all plans I had or wish to make in the near future. To stop requiring me to be humble and ask for help. That would be my wish: to be healthy!

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Thank you! Many blessings this holiday season!

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