Lane Poor: Rhode Island Lyme Disease Activist would like to recognize and thank Lane for all the work he has been doing in raising Lyme awareness in Rhode Island!

Lane with Katrina Makris at the
Lane with Katrina Makris at a Lyme Awareness Event in Rhode Island Photo Credit: Katina Makris

Websites and Groups Lane Runs

Lyme Time in RI (Facebook)

Events and Accomplishments

Upcoming Event

From Lane, “Experiment coming…
Deer ticks do not have a nose as do dog and Lone Stars, which aggressively smell and seek out sources of CO2. Deer ticks don’t care.
So we’re going to test DEET, scientifically, and see if they really just walk across it, as has been reported, albeit very rarely. Most tests I’ve found use dog ticks…

Current Events

Proclamation for Lyme Awareness Month in 2015

2015’s May is Lyme Awareness Month Proclamation
We had a Lyme awareness table at the NORMAN BIRD SANCTUARY HARVEST FAIR on May 3, 2015 with a slideshow, "5 Minute Quick Tick Talk for Kids."
From the Tick Talks at the Forest Avenue Elementary School, May 2015

 Past Events

“Goff Memorial Hall in Rehoboth, MA for a Bristol County, MA Lyme Support Group Meeting . Lane attends several of our monthly support group meetings and has been so helpful to me as he is so knowledgeable about tick-borne diseases. In the picture he was speaking to the group about the role diet plays in recovery of symptoms.” ~ Annie LaBrie Email Facebook: Bristol County, MA Lyme Support Group


Running a page to help Dr Gloor
Running a page to help Dr Gloor



Living Healthy with Guest Lane Poor-The 3B’s of Lyme

Living Healthy: Lane Poor, Lyme – The Disease State

Lane at the Lyme picnic at Tracy Will’s house in 2013 in Connecticut,  talking to other Lyme patients.


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7 thoughts on “Lane Poor: Rhode Island Lyme Disease Activist”

  1. Hey Lane, Good to see that you are supporting such a worthy cause. My 5 String is just as beautiful as ever although I mostly just play Electric/Acoustic Guitar and Keyboards. Cheers, Tom

  2. lane, i enjoyed both of your interviews above.

    if you see/visit with tracy wells, please tell her HI from her online friend.

    thanks for all your activism lane 😉

    bettyg, iowa activist

  3. I’ve “known” Lane for many years, though I’m not sure we’ve ever met. If we have Lane, I’m sorry… know the memory problem. A tireless advocate spilling lyme info constantly.

  4. Woot thanks for all you do for the lyme world. Ps. Deet does not keep any insect off of me. I have been my own Guinea pig. My new testing is lemon and lavender and purified water. So far I’ve noticed that they come around me but not on me. It’s like a cartoon. But than again this disease is a night mare. Keep on keeping on lane……. God bless

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