Help Lara Nash beat Lyme

Help Lara Nash beat Lyme

Help Lara Nash beat LymeLara Nash needs funding to purchase medication that is showing real promise in beating Lyme Disease

Hello Friends,

We are starting this fundraiser to help Lara purchase the BX protocol.  This BX originally was created for Cancer patients but it is showing real promise for all bacterial and viral infections as well as all auto-immune issues.  Here is a link to their website.

As you may know my wife, Lara, was infected from a tick bite with Lyme disease nearly five years ago.  At that time she was a vibrant very active woman with whom I could hardly keep up with.  I watched her spiral down with anxiety and fear of almost everything almost overnight.  Lara couldn’t sleep and had nausea that lasted months.  She lost her job a year later and has been fighting first for a diagnosis then for treatment since that time.  Her other symptoms are almost too numerous to mention, but it is only getting worse.  Lara has exhausted conventional methods of eradicating this disease through antibiotics; her body can no longer tolerate them.  Lara is currently doing everything she can to fight it with herbals and other unconventional means.  The Bx protocol is her last hope to completely get rid of these little bacteria.  The cost of the BX and travel is around 20,000.  Lara has to date saved 3,000.  It will take an additional 17 months to raise the rest of the funds.   If she waits that long she may likely be in a wheel chair due to the neurological symptoms that she suffers.  Will you join with me in helping her reach this goal?  If everyone helps a little, we can get her help that she needs much faster with less damage to her body.

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