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The Situation:

I hate to ask for anything, but then I hate to burden my family. I have advanced Lyme disease, and this year has been the worst. I have had symptoms for approximately 16 years and I am only 29. Although I have pushed myself my whole life, illness has put me at a stand still. My job now is to heal my body. With chemical sensitivities being my worse symptom, it has made going anywhere more difficult than most people could even imagine. Someone simple walking by with a detergent, fabric softener, anything my body won’t handle – can seriously effect my ability to talk, walk, think, see, a host of symptoms.

I love art, nature, crafts, photography, starting wood carving this year.. Finding out I am pretty good at carving for just getting started. It use does teach you how you are really doing that day! 🙂


  • I would appreciate any financial help or gift cards
  • “Straight talk” cell phone time
  • Gift cards to my doctor.
  • My most expensive prescription is filled at Walmart, so any gift card for Walmart would be appreciate.
  • I cannot take most prescriptions or use most soaps: clays,salts, pure vegetable/fruit butters & essential oils are helpful.
  • Supplements like burbur, teasel, dried adrenal. Pieces of wood or old tools would assist my creative side and potential income as I am able.

How to Donate to Leighann: 

You can donate by sending a payment to Paypal: Leighannch@gmail.com

Or you can contact Leighann for her address to send her art supplies, supplements or gifts at leighannch@gmail.com

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Leighann, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!


Wishes Granted so Far

Leighann received one cash donation on 12/8/2014


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