“Letters for Lyme” Awareness Campaign

It is not too late to help spread Lyme Disease Awareness this year. We don’t have to stop in May. May is so busy with walks, rallies and protests, and I know we are all exhausted. So here is a really simple and easy, yet effective way to keep spreading the word on tick borne illnesses.

It is called the, “Letters for Lyme” campaign.

Kenneth Mercure has set up this blog to make it as simple as can be for even the most “brain fogged” of us all to be able to do. So if you have a couple minutes, check out his blog!

Why this Project Exists



Just copy and paste or print this form letter out!

Yep, it’s already written for you! You can add in your story too if you would like.



Where to send the letters

Look down the left hand side of the blog to see all the links of where to send the letters.





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