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       My Name is Lisa  and I have been homebound with Chronic Lyme now for 10 years or more,and was misdiagnosed  for 20 years. I gave my son Lyme while carrying him during pregnancy. I haven’t had a lot of treatment  because we cannot afford it and my insurance won’t cover a thing.The latest thing Lyme has attacked is my hands, first it was my left I got palsy, then I lost my right hand for most of the summer.I can’t use them alot because the pain is just to bad.
Well it’s Christmas time again and that use to be my favorite time of the year.  I alway’s used to play Santa and help who ever needed help mostly for kids.It just made my day to see the kids get what they really wanted but thur parents couldn’t afford.I would give my last cent just to make a child smile. Now when Christmas comes I get so Sad and depressed. I have lost everything and the state gives me a whole 90.00 a month to Live..which I don’t know anyone that could survive on that little amount.
It kills me to ask for help when I was always the helper but i don’t know what else to do.


  • To buy my 3 boy’s a few gifts
  • gifts for my two grandkids  (My Granddaughter is 6 And My GrandSon is 3)
  • gift for my Mom, something special because if it wasn’t for all her help I would be out on a street somewheres. She is the one person that has stood by me and never has giving up on me .
  • If I were to have a wish for myself it would be one of those notebooks so I could go on facebook more often. I can’t go on much because we have a desktop here  and it kills me to sit in the chair for any amount of time.
The Biggest wish of all is for someone to find a cure for Lyme Someway somehow… So all of us in the Lyme Community can stop Living this Hell and this nightmare could be over once and for all.  They say Christmas is a time of Miracles maybe we all will get that miracle oneday soon. If anyone would like to help me I would like gift cards if possible and food cards do help also. But anything would be appreciated just to bring a little Christmas  this Way. God Bless My Lyme Friends and I know You all will get your Christmas Wishes  this year. Thankyou for taking the time to read a little about  myself and my Christmas Wish for this year.

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