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lyme doctor referral

We don’t personally refer doctors or specific treatments here. We just direct you to Lyme organizations who do. Here are other organizations that will help you. Another great option to find Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Energy Healers and other alternative health care professionals is to CLICK HERE and find support groups in your state. Other patients near you might be your best help in finding the right person for you.

For Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other Alternative Care Providers

Organizations that do LLMD Referrals 

Clinics that treat Lyme Disease or other Chronic Illnesses

Contact Us if you would like your clinic or office listed.



New Haven: Dr. Charles Jones Pedicatric Lyme Doctor


Life Works Wellness Center
Dr. Minkoff
301 Turner Street
Clearwater, FL 33756
Telephone: 727-466-6789
website section about Lyme Disease Treatment





New York



  • Sophia Health Institute: Woodinville, WA
  • Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine
    Focuses on Bartonella
    3525 Ensign Rd NE, Suite N
    Olympia, WA 98506
    Office Phone: (360) 464-9965
    Fax: (360) 918-9712
  • Natural Life Integrative Health
    I worked with Dr. Hirsch for just over 2 years and now have a practice in Puyallup, WA which is accepting new patients. Right now, I am booking new patient appointments approximately 6 weeks out. Thank you! Dr. Firetag
    104 23rd AVE SE
    Puyallup, WA 98372
    Phone: 253.268.2170
    Fax: 253.268.0658
  • Functional Medicine Northwest
    r Kim Iller is a member of ILADS for 5 years. and has been treating Lyme and associated conditions including co-infections and common infections (EBV, HHV6, CMV, candida) for 5 years. The other practitioners in her clinic are trained also to treat these illnesses.
    ​8010 15th Ave NW Suite D
    Seattle, WA 98117
    Phone: (206) 268-0397
    Fax: (206) 518-9225



Not everyone can get to an LLMD or responds to antibiotics well. Please remember not to give up hope. There are a lot of different treatment types or protocols for Lyme Disease.

Click Here for Different Lyme Protocols

54 thoughts on “LLMD/LLND Finder”

  1. Hi- I appreciate what you folks are doing. I believe some time ago you sent me the name of an ilads Dr. in San Diego…it was a female. Well my wife passed away and anyhow I lost the name of the Dr. I live in Phoenix area and there is an ilads Dr. I am going to Dr. F. and nothing is happening. Would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Allen

    1. Hi Allen, We dont have lists of doctors ourselves, but we just suggest you email the organizations listed on this post as they have LLMD lists. Also you might want to read through this post as it lists support groups you can join in California or Arizona (online groups) and they would certainly have names of doctors for you in your area.

      I am so sorry about your wife. Was it from Lyme disease? My condolences to you. <3

      Support groups in California

      Support groups in Arizona

      Also if you are on Facebook, you can add me and I can post a question for you and have people send you their info on doctors in your area. My FB page is

      I hope you find what you are looking for.


    2. Try Dr. M at Lifestream. Off of Bell road. He is ilads trained and as a LOT of us Lymies being treated by him. Good luck!


    I got a tick bite back in April. Tests came up negative and I had the 3 week treatment of doxycycline. After treatment I began getting sick again. (I’m going in dead-end circles to find a doctor willing to treat me). My symptoms have quickly become SEVERE and ever changing. From severe Neuro symptoms, heart palpitations, vision distortion, swelling in body parts that move to different parts of my body, head pressure, migrating pins and needles, tremors, twitching in bridge of nose and other parts of the body, severe pain under right rib, on and off fevers for two months, vertigo, ect.. I’m am rapidly debilitating and if I don’t get treatment soon I’m scared of what’s next to come. My children need there Mom back! if anyone can direct to a doctor willing to treat this PLEASE email me. Thanks in advance. I am 1000% certain this is all resulting from this tick bite, 100% healthy until this tick came into my life.

  3. Hi – I live in Australia and the word Lyme’s does not exist. As far as the medical field are concerned Lyme’s is to be ignored. Doctors are not trained only be told that they do not need to study as does not exist – only in USA. They will not even accept ‘Acquired Lyme’s’ which is unbelievable considering how many people travel to the USA and return to Australia. In 2005 I traveled to the USA and recall an sudden itch on my back shoulder blade while seated on the plane before departing Florida. Didn’t think anything of it until a few weeks later when my husband noticed this large unusual oval rash on my back shoulder blade. I was surprised to see (using hand mirror back on to bathroom mirror) & then remembered the itch I had on the plane and put it down to that even though I thought I had only rubbed it from the initial itch reaction & hadn’t aggressively or constantly rubbed it to cause such a huge rash. Soon after the rash became very itchy – extremely itchy that it drove me to the GP. I advised I’d recently traveled as I’d read you need to let your GP know however he dismissed the rash and suggested to buy some calamine lotion. At the pharmacy they asked to see the rash and was shocked. They said the rash was unusual & didn’t recognise as appeared to be fungi due to round marking however could still be bacterial/viral so they gave me a all-rounder lotion which was such a blessing and the rash soon disappeared. From this day forward, now 10 years, I health has suffered immensely. I lost my job of 13yrs due to boss believing I was lying about my constant ailments. I only recently was told by an alternative GP that he most certainly believes I have Lyme’s however there is no testing available in Australia as, according to our AMA, it does not exist. I’m hitting my head against a brick wall trying to manage my health and believe it will kill me soon because the medics can’t comprehend the illness nor have the tools to diagnose it so I’m at a loss. Medics believe I have Fibromyalgia and tests have shown my immune system is non-existent however I now have Rheumatoid arthritis which I was told with FM you get the pain but don’t cause damage so have doubt if I do have FM. No one knows about Lyme’s here so can’t talk to anyone about it. I could cope with all the ailments but now I have severe tension headaches where it feels I have an octopus living on my head and it’s testicles swirls around like a ball of wool, tightening more and more until I think it kills me. No, I’m not crazy. Just because you can’t understand doesn’t make it real ‘cos it’s very real to me. I wouldn’t share this ‘what sounds crazy’ illness with you if I wasn’t desperate. If anyone out there can help me I would really truly really really appreciate it. (ps I was once a happy party goer – must change my email address 🙁

    1. Hey Linda, My name is Lisa and I run this site.. I also have Global Foundation with my partner Karen Smith who is from Australia. Please visit that link and see the support groups/websites related to the Australia and Lyme Disease. There are several Australian Facebook groups listed to for Lyme patients so you can meet others in your shoes and you guys can share info on what drs to go to. Sadly here is the US is not much better. In fact its not good anywhere in the world. Lyme is swept under the rug everywhere. It took me over 14 years to get diagnosed and over 100 drs.. then i had to pay out of pocket to go to an ‘underground” lyme dr.. and then the medical board investigated him, so i went to another and again the medical board invesigated him. Now im out of money and cant get anymore help. So its not much different here then there. Anyways.. check out that link and join us in the Facebook groups. Youll be surprised how many are from Australia! I sure hope you can find some answers..

    2. Please do not be offended, just a helpful hint for further investigation, our disease is Lyme Disease. I am sorry you are having so much trouble finding a Doctor, if you lived in the US, we could sure help you.
      It sounds like you need to come to the States and start with an LLMD. I hope you feel better soon. NS

      1. Hi. You state you can help find a LLMD in the U.S. I am getting sicker every day but the LLMD I see here in the Phoenix area is not really helping. I don’t mind traveling a ways if that is what it takes. Thanks, Allen

    3. Linda the only lonley
      I just read your post. Lisa h
      is a friend of mine and has a tremendous amount of lyme disease information, trust her.
      I don’t know why some US citizens are offended when people refer to lyme disease as “lyme’s” – you probably didn’t even understand.
      I’ve seen it a few times on Facebook support groups. Sometimes lyme disease can cause OCD behavior.
      I don’t know, she said “please don’t be offended” Why that little thing bothers some, I don’t know.
      Unless they live in Lyme, CT.
      Anyway, you don’t need to come here, I have a lot of friends in Australia who are getting treatment.
      What area do you live? I have a good friend in Adelaide – sp – ?
      Have you found a LLMD yet ?
      I get those rib tightening things too
      It does feel like wires wrapping around you.
      I can send you some info that might be very helpful for you.
      Do you have a Facebook account ?
      Lisa also has great videos on YouTube.
      Let me know if I can help you out.
      You are NOT alone !!!
      Love, gentle hugs ♡
      Carolyn Hamilton, Friend me on Facebook, mention Lisa h. So I remember you.

  4. Looking for LLMD around Evansville ,In ,or Southern ,IL ,Western Kentucky or St .Louis, or Nashville, Tn area’s. Just tested Positive.
    Thank you

  5. I live on Long Island in NY. I have been sick for last years. I have all symptoms but tested negative. Please anyone if you know of a Doctor on the island who knows about Lyme let me know. Thank you!

    1. Lori hi, I was wondering if you found a good LLMD in Long Island.
      I have a friend there who is looking for one and I’m on the west coast.

  6. I am trying to fnd a LLMD near the Houston, TX area. I am not getting any results as I scour many different websites and discussions. Does anyone have the name of a LLMD near Houston,TX? I need your help! Thank you so much!-Becky

  7. Looking for an LLMD in Washington State or North Idaho. I live in Spokane, but know I know I may need to travel to receive good care.
    Anything helps, thank you.

  8. Looking for a LLMD in Georgia. Please, please if someone knows of a good one please let me know. I am new to all of this and desperately seeking help and answers.

    1. Hi Jennifer, my name is Kevin and I live in Georgia. I have tried to find a LLMD in this state but haven’t found anyone. I’m pretty new to this and I say that you posted the need for a doctor back in January 19 2015 I was just wondering if you have gotten any information?

      1. Hi Kevin, did you ever find a LLMD in Georgia? I did find one,this person is a great LLMD but I don’t want to display the practitioner’s name on this page. I will give a hint to find this practitioner, Bridges to Health. Hope you this helps you if needed still need to find a LLMD. Blessings for health and healing to you.

  9. New Research on how nanobacteria cause calcification in tissues that prevents antibiotics and other treatments from working. This nanobacteria commonly called Bartonella infection is very hard to detect and can only be detected using advanced methods. There is a newly developed method to overcome this nanobacteria calcification and once that is done treatments become much more effective.

  10. Me and my girlfriend and her mom and dad are looking for a new Lyme doctor please help us me and my girlfriend as picks in are arms we live in Iowa so please help us right away thank you for your help

  11. This site could also list as a site to go to for referrals. Sign up with a screen name there, then click on Flash Discussion, then Seeking A Doctor to make a thread asking for a doctor. Put the initials of the state(s) in the heading of the post. People will send you a private message.

  12. Seeking LLMD in metro Washington DC region. Need several names please as I need to cross reference them to my insurance program MedStar Family Choice. Thank you for any help.

  13. I am looking for a lyme literate physician in the Buffalo/Rochester NY area for my mother. Can anyone give me a recommendation.

    Thank you.

    1. Please provide the name of LLND in Oklahoma. I am in KS and willing to drive down for a good llmd or llnd. Do you recommend?

      1. Linda Lea, nurse practioner, Oklahoma city
        Tricia Buhtner, nurse practitioner, Seminole, Ok
        Dr Charles Crist, LLMD, Columbia Missouri

  14. I live in IL. but there are very few LLMD, and LLND’s are non existent. I think I need a LLND, because I can’t take anti-biodics. There I am willing to travel if there is a great one someone can suggest. You can pm me on facebook, or email me at Thank you so much

    1. this reply is kind of late, but…. dr. keith berndsten in park ridge is a really good LLMD.
      good luck.

    1. I would love for your to PM please……I need to move to Florida ..& I do not have any Doc yet????

      I just started a New group on FB

      “Lyme Healing Angel Home”…… Moving to Florida !!!!!

      Angel Blessings!!!!!

    1. Tina please look under the New York tab. There is a couple contacts listed. If you email them, they will send you the names of the specialists that they know.

    1. Hi DeDe Miller. Tried to find you on FB but there were tons of your name. Could you please be kind enough to contact me on FB….

    1. Hi, Debbie!

      I’m Michelle, and am seeking an LLMD for my mom, who is just starting the diagnostic process. The family practice doc my mom and I see here in Kansas City is fabulous, but is unfortunately (and understandably) out of her depth with regard to my mom’s ordeal.

      My research seems to indicate that a timely diagnosis and immediate commencement of treatment will decrease the likelihood of a chronic situation, so I tremendously appreciate any help you can offer.

      You didn’t specify where in Missouri your LLMD is located, but we’re desperate to find a doctor who can provide her the help she needs. I’m very interested in your referral.

    2. Just tested Positive for Lyme . Can you please give me away to get in touch with LLMD in Missouri? Thank you from Southern Illinois.

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