Lorraine Johnson discusses the Government Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic

Why the Government is Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic
Interview with Lorraine Johnson

Interview from  Nov 21, 2014

 Lorraine Johnson, CEO of Lymedisease.org talks to interviewer Abby Martin about the fact that Lyme disease is 6 x more prevalent then Aids. And that’s just with the current stats, which are estimated to be on the low side. She also discusses why Lyme disease is not fully funded for research and about the other misdiagnoses of Lyme Disease. She also discusses the current Lyme disease guidelines and the gray area in where some patients ares staying sick.

4 thoughts on “Lorraine Johnson discusses the Government Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic”

  1. my 32nd yr chronic lymes i got it 12 times my ranch center of minnesota horse dog cat too,lyme advocate 26th year ,seen the cover ups lies over years. as disabled vet 3 vets hosp i am assigned to refuse testing treatment since 1991 after my 3rd lymes bulls eye yet then u of mn treated me 3 yrs.fed up with it all.was temp blind 2 times after ticks 1991 nov and 2012 on the way to hosp..yet i try to give advice to many these lymes orgs they alllll dismiss me, i have tons of info etc can help others and no i am not well just finished 4 months hosp treated.

  2. hi lisa,
    do you know or remember when this interview took place?

    i feel it was sometime last summer or so.

    it’s always nice to show dates on videos like this my dear friend. thanks for posting.

    bettyg, iowa activist

    1. This video was uploaded in April of 2014. Ill add that info into the post Betty! Thank you for always checking out the newsletters and for always being so encouraging and helpful!

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