Lyme Activist of the Day: Through May 2015

activistEach day in May, for Lyme Awareness Month, whatislyme featured a different person who has made a difference in the Lyme community. The list below is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many people who are out there doing wonderful things in the Lyme community. We will continue to do an article every other week for those who are making a difference.

If you would like to nominate someone post them in the comment below and we will contact you. If it is someone we don’t know, we need you to be able to get us the contact for the person so we can get permission to use pictures and do a write up. We are also inviting anyone who would ike to do a guest blog post to do one on someone they think is making a difference in the Lyme community! Thank you!

Daily Recognitions

May 1: Trish McLeary, Massachusetts Lyme Activist
May 2: Deb Elder: Oregon Lyme Activist
ay 3: Jenny Rush
May 4: The Lyme Quilt Team
ay 5: Lorraine and Anna Hart Mother/daughter Washington activist team
May 6: Lane Poor: Rhode Island Activist
Day 7: John Coughlin: Online Support Advocate
Day 8: Holly Roesing: South Carolina Activist
ay 9: Mary Ann Mazzarella
ay 10: Laurie Myers: Arizona Activist
ay 11: Sharon Rainey, author and Lyme friend
Day 12: Terri Cross: Canadian Activist
Day 13: Karen Smith: Australian and International Activist
Day 14: Gabbi Hicks: Teenage Activist
Day 15: Shannon Curtis-Bell and Brian Rapier
ay 16: Anja Maurer: German Activist
ay 17: Samantha Reuter: Annual Lyme Life Awareness “Green Light” Campaign Founder
Day 18: Kristin Collins and Jennifer Christie: Wisconsin Lyme Activists
ay 19: Vicki Koecher and Kara Welch: Minnesota Lyme Activists
Day 20: Natasha Metcalf and Louise Dean: UK Lyme disease Activists/Advocates
Day 21: Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson: Ride for Lyme Cyclists
Day 22: Mackay Rippey: Radio Interviewer
Day 23: Ariane Resnick: Inspiring Lyme Advocate and Chef
Day 24: Kansas Advocates
ay 25: Jenna Wright: Inspirational Activist
Day 26: 
Paula Jackson Jones and Angele Rice Maine Activists
Day 27:
 Marlene Ziehl Spies: Canadian Activist
Day 28:
Andrea Caesar: Author of “Twist of Lyme”
May 29: Angela LeBrun: New Hampshire Lyme Activist
May 30: Betty Gordon: Iowa Lyme Activist
May 31: Denise Longman UK Lyme Activist and Nancy Bourassa New Hampshire Lyme Activist
June 1st: YOU

This is the list from May, but we will continue to do one every other week after May.

If you would like to write a tribute to someone,

Please Contact Us Here.

So far these people have been nominated:

1. Angela Daenzer nominated by Sheila Bush (need help writing one for Angele)
2.  Natasha Metcalf and Louise Dean: nominated by Joanne Lee (Done)
3. Daniel Cookson and Tanner Cookson: nominated Merina Brisdon. (Done)
4. Kansas Advocates: nominated by Peninah (Done)
5. Trish McCleary: nominated by Tracy Will (Done)
6. Joni Comstock: nominated by Betty G
7. Leanne Carter: nominated by MaryAnn Mazarella (need help with this tribute)

6 thoughts on “Lyme Activist of the Day: Through May 2015”

  1. I nominate Lisa Hilton too!!
    Hands down!
    And of course Josh Cutler!

    There are soooooo many other heroes- too!

  2. sarah, ABSOLUTELY LISA HILTON, our humble low-key activist that is OUR energizer bunny 😉

    bettyg, iowa activist

      1. SHe will definetly be one of our daily activists. We let her know you nominated her also Betty. 🙂

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