Lyme Awareness Month Idea # 1! Light Up May with Green Light Bulbs!

Samantha's Project

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Help spread awareness by replacing your porch or outdoor lights with a green bulb. It’s fun, easy and a cheap way to bring attention to this nasty disease. Plus its easy to do for those who are sick at home and can’t do the higher functioning awareness ideas! And remember even if you dont have a porch, you can help just by sharing this page you will be getting others to do it! You can add to this by tying green ribbons on your porch or mail box as well as writing on lime green poster board” Let it Shine Green for May- Lyme Disease Awareness! Join Our Facebook Group!


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2 thoughts on “Lyme Awareness Month Idea # 1! Light Up May with Green Light Bulbs!”

  1. How fitting. I was just diagnosed with Chronic Lyme this week. Saw my Naturopath yesterday and started Liver & Gallbladder support today in preparation for the anti-biotics that I’ll be starting this weekend. I’m finding it very comforting to know that so many other people out there are suffering just like me and that there are so many cases where they have gotten better with treatment…It’s a hard diagnosis to deal with, but after nearly 20 years of suffering, I’m glad that I’m finally on the path to recovery.

    1. I”m glad you finally have a diagnosis JC. Now at least you are on the other side of that…I pray you will find a treatment that will work for you and bring back your healthy self!

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