Lyme Disease and Munchausen by proxy syndrome Cases


lymepSadly, there are a number of growing cases in which children who are suffering from Lyme disease, are being taken away from their families. Doctors, schools, state workers, supposed child welfare workers are reporting parents as having Munchausen by proxy syndrome. This is a condition where parents get “attentoin” for having  sick childen.

The sad part is, what noone understands is that there is no “postitive” attention that stems from having Lyme disease or having a child with Lyme disease. It is a little known about disease, that  is hard to diagnose and hard to treat. Parents are faced with an incredible task of finding doctors who are educuted in testing for and treating Lyme disease in children. Since Lyme disease is not recognized by the mainstream as being a chronic illness, insurance rarely covers Lyme literate doctors or the treatments they order.

Lack of understanding of the situation that Lyme patients and the families face, is what leads to them being reported, as they go from doctor to doctor trying to find help for their kids.

Below are some articles of cases that may be of help to other parents facing similar situations.

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Groups that May be of Service

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