cancer linked to lyme disease

Lyme Disease, Other Tick Borne Infections and Cancer

cancer linked to lyme disease

Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Infections and Cancer

Many Lyme disease patients are wondering if there is a link between Lyme disease, the other co infections passed by ticks and cancer. According to NIH an estimated 1 our of 3 people get cancer in the general population. We could not find any studies that prove it is a higher incidence in the Lyme community.

But logic would just tell us that there might be several reasons why a Lyme patient might develop cancer. Our body’s constant battle with inflammation,  the immune system being lowered, which in turn allows viruses such as EBV or HHV6 to take over, which are cancer provoking, would lead one to think it could possibly give us a higher risk of developing cancer.

I am not a doctor, I am a Lyme patient myself. I cannot tell you that is does or does not promote cancer growth. I am writing this article to try to find any links if there are any. We, Lyme patients are just trying to find answers. We  welcome the opinions, experiences of other Lyme patients along with any health care practitioners that work with Lyme patients and/or cancer patients.

Also, this article was not written to promote more fear then we already feel. Remember, a big key to healing from any illness, whether it is tick borne, cancer or any chronic illness is balancing your body, eating properly, fixing your PH. We have to educate ourselves about all these things but also remember to empower ourselves to learn about the healing modalities out there and not just the disease. So please educate yourself on both side of this. ♥

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