Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Lyme Disease Awareness Month is right around the Corner!

Get ready to help spread Lyme disease awareness this May!

Here are some ideas on how you can help, whether you are able to go out and do physical events or you are stuck home mostly in bed, there are ways to do your part in spreading awareness.

And don’t think it doesn’t count or like your part feels to “small.” Every little act done is a piece to a bigger puzzle that is slowly coming together.

One day the world will better understand the journey of the Chronic Lyme patient, but until they do, we must put one foot in front of the other and keep telling our stories until everybody hears us, and change is made. ♥

2018 Lyme Awareness Ideas for May

  1. Put a May Awareness Month Yard Sign in your front yard.
  2. Hand out Lyme disease educational brochures. (You can put a realtor box in your front yard for people to take.
  3. Write out your story and send it to your local newspaper.
  4. Learn about Tick Prevention Here and Here.
    May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month yard Sign
  5. Do the “Lyme Disease Challenge.
  6. Tie a lime green ribbon around a tree or mailbox in your yard!
  7. Do the Samantha’s Annual Lyme Life Awareness “Green Light” Campaign. Turn your porch lights to green bulbs!
  8. Change your social media pictures to Lyme Awareness Pictures. Feel free to use one of ours Banners & Memes. 
  9. Start a Lyme blog and share your story. ♥.
  10. Attend your local Lyme Awareness walk, rally or protest. 
  11. Make a Youtube Video..
  12. 38. Design Lyme Awareness attire on Zazzle, Cafepress or Vista Print.
  13. Add your picture and Lyme story onto the GoogleWe are the Millions” Lyme album.
  14. . Raise money and put up a Lyme Disease Awareness Billboard!
  15.  Arrange a Flash Mob Lyme awareness dance or die in. Click here for Die Ins. Flash Dance.
  16. . Learn How to Remove a Tick properly! Lyme Disease Brochures
  17. Support a Lymie by shopping at the Lyme Shop.
  18. Share ILADs, “Lyme Basics” on your Facebook or Twitter.
  19.  Help spread “ILADs, “Lyme Quick Facts” on social media.
  20. Help spread the Celebrities PSAs. (Public Service Announcements)
  21. Donate to or share a Lyme Foundation.
  22. Tell the IDSA how you feel on their Facebook wall.
  23. Organize a Lyme  Walk!
  24.  Share a Lyme fundraiser to show eveyrone how serious Lyme is.
  25.  Put a Lyme Awareness Flag in your yard.
  26. Wear Lyme Awareness bracelets, shirts, or jewelry.
  27. . Write your local representatives and ask them to support Lyme legislature.
  28. Give someone a copy of Under our Skin to Watch or hold a showing at your local library or support group meeting.

Post your Lyme Awareness Ideas in the Comments Below!

2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Awareness Month”

  1. It is necessary to understand the importance of awareness about Lyme disease. We just need to educate everyone because it should be a great effort to save several innocent people. Nowadays we are busy with unlimited personal works, but this awareness provided to everyone also a great work for the whole nation.

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