Lyme Disease Petitions

1. Petition to Revise the ID$A Lyme Guidelines!


“Treatment guidelines are tremendously important in determining your medical treatment options. All important treatment guidelines are listed by the National Guidelines Clearinghouse (NGC). NGC requires that guidelines be updated every 5 years.

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2. UK Lyme Petition

We draw your attention to Lyme disease, or borreliosis, which is increasing in incidence dramatically across Europe and the USA. Lyme disease is a real and present danger for those working or recreating in woods, parklands or even their own back gardens. We ask that the government acts now to increase public awareness of this tick-borne infection, that better diagnostic tests are designed, that specialised treatment is developed to help the many thousands suffering from the chronic effects and that the disease be made notifiable.

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3. Lyme Fraud Against Humanity

 The health status of the entire World has been and continues to be compromised in several ways by combinations too powerful to be suppressed in the ordinary way. . In the early 70s chronic illness were not epidemic in our country unlike today with Fibromialgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, MS, and ALS and many other debilitating illnesses that have been linked to Lyme Disease as you will see from papers on this web site.

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  1. A petition is being circulated on the internet to get President Obama to invalidate the outrageous IDSA guidelines. Information about this petition and instructions on how to add your signature to the
    petition can be found at Jenna’s Lyme blog. I have no affiliation with her blogs but this is how I learned
    about it. There is too much at stake to fall short and not get rid of these outrageous guidelines which
    have severely restricted treatment options and caused many doctors to simply refuse treatment.
    Here is the bad news: We are only getting about 400 signatures daily because too many people
    don’t even know about the petition. We need to get at least double that to achieve the minimum of
    26,000 signatures by Feb 20th.

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