Lyme Disease Protocols, and Healing Aids


You’ll be better in 3 weeks they say….

Well in the case you weren’t better with the IDSA guidelines for treatment of Lyme disease, here is a list of protocols, treatments and healing tools that Lyme patients are using to try to achieve wellness. It seems that there is no “one treatment plan fits all” for Lyme disease and it’s co infections not to mention the damage Lyme causes oneself, so we hope that you and your health care practitioner can work together and find what will help you.

We are not promoting anything on this list or saying any of these modalities work or do not work. We are just presenting a lit of what we see Lyme patients trying in their efforts to get better.

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Protocols and Treatments

Healing Aides/ Pain Management

Treating Damage caused by Lyme Disease and or Environmental Factors


Books on Healing from Lyme Disease

Health Summits that are Worth Listening to:

Lyme Patient’s Experiences

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Lyme Treatments, Protocols and Healing Tools

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