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Lyme: A Mitochondria Deficiency Disease

Part 1: by Dr Sally

I believe in the healing power of nature, but as well I believe that there are natural remedies that enhance that power and are safer and usually more effective than drugs.

Hippocrates said, “Of several remedies the physician should choose the least sensational.”

There are safe non toxic solutions to Chronic Lyme Disease Recovery but unfortunately your personal physician, your trusted doctor will not offer them. What a drag. We all want our insurance to cover our recovery and sadly, it’s unlikely to happen because insurance focuses on antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics have a very spotty record in healing Chronic Lyme and when they do heal Chronic Lyme they have to be taken for months and months. What’s the problem with that?

Prolonged antibiotics disrupts the gut flora, a whole set of problems on its own.

Furthermore, check out this video of what happens with antibiotics with Borrelia bacteria in a petri dish:

You can see that the Borrelia form cysts when the antibiotic is introduced half way through the video. The bacteria are able to hide and evade the antibiotic. That’s  why the organisms in the Lyme “soup” are called stealth bacteria or pleomorphic bacteria because they can change shape and hide until the threat is passed. It is also why Lyme is now sometimes called Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS).!!

Some people feel better on antibiotics but when they go off the antibiotics, the bacteria come out of hiding and their symptoms return. They feel like they have had a relapse when in fact they were just suppressing the bacteria, which should never be the goal.

So what’s the best way to beat lyme? I recommend a multi-systemic approach that uses safe, nontoxic, natural or energetic remedies that fit the bill and take you to recovery.

I know. I’m Sally Schutz, M.D., surgeon and shaman. I recovered from a lousy case of Chronic Lyme 15 months ago. I left panic, anxiety, OCD and morbid depression behind.

I embraced joy and calm as a way of being. My painful bladder, my twitches, and chronic vomiting peeled away like the layers of an onion. And today I am symptom free. I am well.

I believe that I was saved from my throat closing off (and 4.5 days in the ICU in a drug induced coma) because it is my soul’s purpose to educate, inspire and collaborate on people’s recovery. People just like you. Recovery, that’s what every one wants right?

So how does Lyme cause so many symptoms in different parts of the body?

The stealth bacteria invade the mitochondria. You may remember the mitochondria from high school biology. They are little organelles in side of each cell (except for the Red Blood Cells). So when the mitochondria in your weakest link part of the body get down regulated symptoms occur. And they can occur in any part of the body – from top to bottom and outside in; brain, muscles, nerves, throat, bladder, you name your symptoms…

That’s why today Lyme is also called a Mitochondria Deficiency Disease.

So today we covered briefly Why Antibiotics are not effective in Chronic Lyme and Why you can have symptoms in any part of your body. I also told you where the problem lies – in the mitochondria.

Keep coming back to next time we will be talking more about the mitochondria and maybe why detox is important in Lyme Disease Recovery… It is a must see blog posting.

Lisa and I want you to Flourish Fully and Beat Lyme. Sally Schutz, M.D.

copyright 2016

Introducing Dr Sally Schutz, Her Recovery through Lyme and Her Protocol

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