Lyme Disease, Sexually Transmitted?

Is Lyme Disease sexually transmitted? As of now, noone can say for sure. There is simply not enough evidence. There is research showing it is in body fluids, tears and semem, but nothing showing that it can be transmitted through these.

According to The Examiner,

“The Center for Disease Control says no… for the most part.

“The CDC position on sexual intra-human Borrelia burgdorferi transmission is that it does not occur,” they argued in a recent statement. “We find no study that addresses sexual transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi among humans.”

Yet the CDC then went on to admit: “Conversely, we find no study supporting that sexual intra-human Borrelia burgdorferi transmission does not occur. Inferential data strongly suggest the possibility of human sexual transfer.”

Then the articles goes on to admit it is a possibility. Please read more as the disussion goes on between the CDC, Lyme patients and other doctors who treat Lyme Disease. Read Full Article Here

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