6 thoughts on “Lyme Doctor Referral”

  1. Presently being treated for Lyme but would like a second opinion with a land in the Bergen County, New Jersey area. Thanks

    1. Hi Kathy, please look on the list, and contact the contact people listed under New Jersey. Thanks for stopping by and hope you find some answers.

  2. i am looking for a lyme dr. for my son he has had all the symptoms for 5 months has had all kinds of tests. i to talk to talk to lyme dr.ncludeing western blot all tests were negative but they went ahead and started giveing him antibiotics orally for lyme my son thinks he should see lyme dr. for stronger treatment he has been taking the antibiotics almost 3 weeks our zip code is76522 sure need to talk to lime dr.

  3. I have lyme disease and co’s. Also, toxic mold exposures. Right now im having to commute 3-6 hours to closest LLMD. Is there any closer to Redding area?

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