Lyme Doctors Under Attack in Norway

Lyme Drs being investigated in Norway too…


It’s not just the United States that crucifies doctors that are trying to help those who are chronically ill with tick borne infections. It seems all over the world this is happening. Why? Why are doctors in trouble for wanting to help those that are sick? Isn’t this why they became doctors? Yet, again it happens, this time in Norway.

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Tatens Board of Health takes the authorization of the controversial doctor.

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( Dagbladet ) : National Board of Health has today decided to revoke the physician authorization for Dr. Rolf Luneng at the Norwegian Centre Lyme disease .

Health deprives Luneng right to operate as a doctor because he has defied earlier warnings about the use of large amounts of antibiotics.

Here is the rationale for the decision on the disputed ticks doctors .

The doctor , who has had an influx of patients to their private center from patients who believe they have been infected with Lyme disease by ticks , has previously received warning from health authorities to have commandeered large amounts of antibiotics to a patient – contrary to current guidelines.

– Variations in gross
– Doctor’s prescription differs still rough from the current guidelines for assessment , indication , combination of antibiotics and malaramedisin , dosage of medicines and treatment , type Health in the grounds for the decision – providing in the process a “signal” that the doctor Luneng can get ” a limited authorization to certain conditions . “

That means he is not allowed to operate as an independent physician , but may have to work under supervision in a subordinate position in specialty care .

Ticks doctor in Nydalen, Oslo has been lauded for help from many patients who have been affected by Lyme disease in recent years.

But health authorities have been highly critical of his treatment with higher use an antibiotic than to be good for the body’s immune system.

Adventurer Lars Monsen among patients who have praised Luneng for treatment.

Here you can read a report from the magazine about the so-called Germany – tests that have formed the basis for Luneng treatment.

Concern from Haukeland
State Board of Health created the supervision Luneng after a concern from neurological department at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen in May last year and later from a doctor.

According to the complaints Luneng scale diagnosis over the phone.

In March last year he received a notice from the Board of Health for having treated a patient with large amounts of antibiotics on an unsound basis – and without taking into account that the patient was diagnosed with MS .

29 doctors in the last year
Throughout 2012 there were a total of 29 doctors who lost their authorization – half of intoxication , seven for academic failure and six for not having taken account of earlier warnings.

Luneng three -week appeal deadline , and that the next step will be the State’s health committee that deal with any complaint .

Board of Health’s recall of medical authorizations are not time- limited.

– Your doctor may need to apply for authorization back , says communications director Nina Vedholmen the State Board of Health to Dagbladet .
Facts about Borrelia
Lyme disease also called Lyme disease .

It is a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans by ticks bite.

Statistics in recent years show a steady increase in the number of severe cases. In 2008, it reported 345 cases of Lyme borreliosis against 328 in 2007.

Symptoms: Two to 30 days after being bitten by ticks seen a characteristic ring -shaped , faint red rash that spreads outward from the bite site.

4-8 weeks after the tick bite seen a multitude of symptoms, such as headache , pain in joints, muscles and tendons , weakness and malaise .

Months to years after infection to joint pain , memory loss , mood swings, sleep disturbances and skin rash act .

Source: Norwegian Health Informatics



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