Lyme Fliers you can Print or Order

Lyme Disease Posters, Brochures and Fliers


LDA has been giving out these brochures for many years. They are a combination of Lyme Awareness Brochures, Lyme Info Bookmarks and Tick Identification Cards. They will send them to you for free, but it is always nice to make a donation. They were more then generous during the Worldwide Lyme Protest in sending these to each state. They may need donations to restock now. Thank you! Click Here to Order


Downloadable Brochures and Charts and other Printables


LDA has many different posters, charts, rash pictures and general Lyme or other tick borne disease informational posters you can print out.

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You can download these brochures by CLICKING HERE

Here are some fliers put together to hand out at protests, rallies, Lyme awareness events and info booths.

Here are some FREE posters you can print out:

From Google Documents

Just click on these and print.

Babesia Symptoms

Bartonella Symptoms

Brochures from that you can print out

Erlichiosis Symptoms

ILADS Brochures you can print out

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme Disease Websites and Support Groups Flier

Lyme Newspapers and Magazines you can order

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Permission Slip Fliers for Schools Warning Parents the Dangers of Ticks

Stages of Lyme disease

Symptoms Checklist

The Truth about Lyme disease

Tick Borne Infections Symptoms List with Rash Pictures

Tick Removal Instruction Cards you can hand out for purchase

Tick Identification Cards you can hand out for purchase

Timothy the Tick- Information for Kids you can print out


Here are some larger posters you can order online.


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