Lyme Friends Holiday Wishlist 2014 Instructions

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If you would like to randomly donate click on button below and we give it to someone who has not received any wishes yet.


Well it is that time of year again.  Christmas and other holidays are coming up soon and we at recognize that families that have members that are chronically ill are, of course, short on money. Holidays should be a time to celebrate, reflect, spend time with family and to be gracious for all we do have in our lives, and sometimes we all need a little help, a reminder that there is still humanity.

If you, a family member, a child are in need, pleaseimageedit_4_4877362612
Email Lisa at

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For those asking for Help

What we need to know:

1. Your name: you can put your first name only or a nickname.
2. Your email: this is how potential donators will get a hold of you.
3. What you are asking for: For example, size 7 shoes for my daughter, or supplements needed for Lyme treatment, gas cards needed for gas.
4. Your paypal information or how you want someone to donate to you. If you don’t have a paypal or fundraiser then you can put your email so people can email you for your addess.
5. Once someone has donated, please let us know in the comments below so we can mark your needs as met.

Things to remember:

  • There will be some people who need a lot, while others ask for a single item. Please be considerate and realize that many people will be on this list and you may or may not receive everything or anything you ask for. We, at will not decide who or what is important, if a need is requested, we will post it unless it is offensive, we will not judge. We want to help bring joy to you this holiday season so we don’t care if you ask for a juicer, a toy for your child or a trip to the grand canyon. We are not here to judge, just to help where we can.
  • We also can’t be a full time mediator, so use discetion when giving people your address, paypal account or any personal information, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable, just stop any communication with whoever is making you uncomfortable.
  • Please thank the person who helped you, that seems very obvious but we received a lot of emails last year from people, not just because they wanted thanks or acknowledgement, but because they wanted to make sure the person received the gift or donation they sent. So by thanking the donator, you will be letting them know you received the item and it will cut down on work for us.Thank you and hope the little elves are very generous this year. <3 Happy Holidays everyone!

    Remember this:

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~Mother Teresa


For Those Who Want to Donate

1. Read through the posts and pick who you would like to donate to.  Some will ask for items while others need cash donations or gift cards. If you don’t want to choose someone in particular and just want to randomly donate you can click the button below and donate to and we will send it to one of the wish recipients that we know hasn’t gotten any wishes yet.

2. Leave a Comment that you fulfilled this wish. On each post there will be a donation button or an item list the person needs. After you make your donation please post in the comment section under the post that you granted their wish or of which items you sent them. You can leave anonymous on your name if you prefer, but this way we at know that this person received their wish and we can mark it “wishes granted” so that other can find the people who have not been donated to yet. Also if someone has an extensive list we know which items have already been purchased so noone gets double of anything.

Donate to us at Last year several people wanted to donate to someone but felt bad picking “who.” So if you want to donate to us, we will pick someone who has no donations and we will let you know who we picked. Also include instruction if you want us to donate it all to one person or split it up between multiple people. Just click button below to Donate.

If You Would Like to do a “Give Away” 

If you would like to “Give Away an Item” such as an extra bottle of supplments you don’t use anymore or baby clothes that don’t fit anymore, a craft you make, or a service, please submit your list here with a description, your email and a picture of the item your are giving away. Please submit your information and pictures to Lisa at the Email:

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Wishes Grants so Far

10 Cash Donations


Cards sent

 Lyme Herx Drops, Raw Meal, tissue salts and Vita Lanne given away to Lyme patients.

3 thoughts on “Lyme Friends Holiday Wishlist 2014 Instructions”

  1. My 17 year old son Colin and his 3 younger brothers are seriously ill with Lyme disease. Colin is mostly bedridden and confined to his room. He is too sick to see friends or go to school. Colin would love a Best Buy gift card. He does like to spend time on the computer.
    His brothers Luke 14, Joe 12 and Zach 12 would love a Best Buy gift card. They have all been suffering so horribly for 5 years now. This would make them feel special and not forgotten. Thank you!

  2. I recently published a post in select Lyme Groups regarding assistance with housing/medical help. Housing is my first desire as myself, 6 year old daughter and now adult son are living in a mold toxic home and finally have an opportunity to receive a affordable, clean safe home with an option to buy after renting for 409 dollars the first year. I am a single mom on disability, I was diagnosed with Lyme in mid 2011 I am certain I had it since a child. My daughter and son both diagnosed within the last year and a half, son most recently although both have been ill and had symptoms since birth. I really want this house as it is clean, fully remodeled from electrical to plumbing, it contains no mold and the purchase price is reasonably low. I have been told for a year to vacate the house and get rid of all my household items. We have nothing. I am asking someone to help me & my children because all family support vanished upon our diagnosis. I really need help with securing rent for a few months and paying down past due bills, which are not many but have been enough trouble to delay a secured loan. People tell me to ask for help from agencies, etc..I have for 5 years and unfortunately because no one believes, i am considered a misfit within my small community. i am currently still in this toxic home and have been confined to the living room where i have multiple times tried my best to keep mold free. when that doesn’t work, we leave and stay randomly wherever we can. Please know i have much faith which has carried me through but over all the lack of treatment for any of us, keeps me very ill. Any donation would be appreciated whether it is via the shared link, or paypal. This house is my last opportunity to start healing for myself and chidden. my need is urgent as the church which owns it will not wait for us. anything donated will be used towards our healing, house, medicine/supplements, furniture etc. please help us. Thankyou!

  3. I’m in need of a place to stay near a grocery store (so money towards rent would be greatly appreciated). Also, since I’ve been unable to drive for 2.5 years I would love to have some gas cards to help offset some of the expenses for others who have helped me get to Drs appointments which are far away. I’m also in need of supplements and money to go towards my treatment. You can see what I’ve been through in the last few years by viewing my link. PayPal is If you need any further information, please let me know.

    Thank you so much!
    Bridget Raab

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