Lyme in Delaware


Lyme Disease in Delaware

On this page we are trying to make a directorial for you to find Lyme support groups, news articles, Lyme events, Lyme disease stats and well as other important tick borne infection information. If you know of something that should be added here please contact us or comment in the comment area below.

Support Groups/Websites

Delaware Lyme (Facebook)

Delaware Lyme Disease (Facebook)

Lyme Aware: Delaware Page (Website)

Lyme Diseae Stats

Confirmed Cases of Lyme Disease in Delaware


2015: Fighting Lyme disease in Delaware

2014: Spotlighting Lyme Disease in Delaware

2013: Delaware, Vermont have highest Lyme disease rates


Two Lyme disease bills signed in Delaware


2015: Lyme Disease Awareness Community 5K Walk & Run

Delaware Lyme Disease Awareness Items

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