Lyme Disease in Kentucky


This page is a collection of Lyme disease support groups, websites, organizations, news, legislation and events happening in Kentucky. Please let us know if you have any events, news or anything tick borne disease relevant that you would like us to add.

Websites/Support Groups

Here is a list of Lyme disease support groups that we have found. Some are face to face, some are online and they do change often. Due to people being sick, new ones pop up and old ones get cancelled, so if you learn one is not running anymore, or you are starting a new one please reach out to us and let us know. Thank you!

Lyme Disease Statistics

Click here for the CDC map of confirmed Lyme disease cases verses  the TICKCHECK estimated cases.




For Bill KY Bill SB 170 updates VISIT HERE

Lyme Disease Awareness Items for Kentucky

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  1. Please list the Kentuckiana Lyme Support Group on your site. It meets the third Thurs. of every month in Louisville. You actually have pictures of our group next to events on this page above. Not sure why we were removed. If you need any further info please e mail me. Thanks…..Tondia Burrows.

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