Lyme in New Jersey


Lyme in New Jersey

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Lyme Disease Statistics

Click Here to see the Tick Check estimated cases of Lyme disease in New Jersey vs the CDC map of confirmed cases.

News Articles

2017: Lyme disease update: new controversy, tick prevention tips, NJ danger spots
The latest on the fight to recognize and treat chronic Lyme, plus prevention tips and a ranking of New Jersey counties by cases.

2015: All of N.J. at high risk for Lyme disease, even cities, report says
In New Jersey, the western counties of Morris, Hunterdon, Warren and Burlington continued to get hammered by infections. But Lyme is no longer restricted to people who go hiking in the “country:” The more developed counties of Hudson, Bergen and Essex have all seen increases in their number of cases.

Pesky ticks bring Lyme disease risk to all of NJ |
Apr 3, 2014 – Pesky ticks bring Lyme disease risk to all of NJ. nj-deer-tick-lyme-disease.JPG. A female deer tick seen under a University of Rhode Island ..

New tick-borne disease found in New Jersey –
Apr 11, 2014 – New Jersey, in particular, has the country’s third-highest number of Lyme … Many people who have symptoms of Lyme disease, but whose tests …

Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease –
The ticks that cause Lyme disease are primarily found in the Northeast, Midwest and California. New Jersey is one of the eight states reporting over ninety .


Legislation & Proclamations

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