Lyme in North Carolina

Websites and Support Groups

Here is a list of support groups for Lyme disease, some are online, some are face to face. If you have a group you would like listed please let us know by contacting us or in the comments below and we will get it added.

Lyme Disease Statistics

Click here to see the Tick Check estimated cases of Lyme disease vs the CDC map of confirmed cases.



Photo Credit: Jennifer Morgan Allton



4 thoughts on “Lyme in North Carolina”

  1. Who knows of a LLMD located in Eastern NC . We live in North Wilkesboro & my husband needs a specialist. General MD is useless in this situation. It’s been over a year since his initial tick bite & rash.

    1. Make sure to click on the support groups listed above. Hopefully they will be able to suggest Lyme literate dr in your area. Also make sure to click on this link, and look at the organizations listed that help you find Lyme drs in your area. You can just email them and ask too.

    1. Hi Julie, you have to click on the links above to get to the support groups and ask them for more info. <3 Good luck, hope you find a supportive group.

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