lyme disease in washington

Lyme Disease in Washington

lyme disease in washingtonLyme Disease in Washington 

Here is a collection of Lyme Disease and tick borne relevant information for Washington. Below is a directory for Lyme support groups, events, statistics, news and maps. If you know of anything else that needs to be added please comment below.

Websites/Support Groups

Treatment Centers

  • Natural Life Integrative Health
    I worked with Dr. Hirsch for just over 2 years and now have a practice in Puyallup, WA which is accepting new patients. Right now, I am booking new patient appointments approximately 6 weeks out. Thank you! Dr. Firetag
    104 23rd AVE SE
    Puyallup, WA 98372
    Phone: 253.268.2170
    Fax: 253.268.0658
  • Functional Medicine Northwest
    r Kim Iller is a member of ILADS for 5 years. and has been treating Lyme and associated conditions including co-infections and common infections (EBV, HHV6, CMV, candida) for 5 years. The other practitioners in her clinic are trained also to treat these illnesses.
    ​8010 15th Ave NW Suite D
    Seattle, WA 98117
    Phone: (206) 268-0397
    Fax: (206) 518-9225

Lyme Disease Statistics

Click here to see the Tick Checks estimated cases of Lyme disease in Washington vs the CDC map of confirmed cases.




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