Meet Dave Main and see the Video his Father made for Him

logo_frontThis song was written by the dad (Allen Main) of Australian Lyme patient Dave Main. So nice when you see the support of loving and supportive family members.

Poster by Dave Main


After 2 years of treatment:

2 years ago I was clinically and medically diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma. Treatment has been very hard on me, nothing easy about any of it. I am grateful for the support I have, especially from my loving wife Paula, you see me at my worse and I know it is hard for you to watch me when deteriorating, crying in pain, etc.

Struggling to get out of bed with aching joints, sore soles of feet, pain in muscles and bones, skin on fire, headache, dizzy, twitching, eye pressure/floaters, sensitive to light and sound, chest pains, sore glands, electric shocks throughout my body, air hunger, metallic tastes, lack of energy, swollen veins, etc…this is a “good day”

On a “bad day” symptoms become unbearable. I don’t get out of bed and just wait for the day to pass, hoping to wake up to a “good day”

A “good day” does not mean no pain or symptoms, it just means it’s not as bad as it gets.

For me there is no escape, off switch or cure. There is only hope that one day I will make it to remission.

If I was correctly diagnosed 16 years ago (in 1998 when infected), ONE bottle of antibiotics could have prevented this from progressing into Chronic Neuro Lyme, which now requires long term treatment and ongoing maintenance for life with no guarantees.

Poem by Dave Main

““No easy ride with Lyme”

It hurts when I am flaring, and herxing is the same,
You can see the tears that I cry caused by all this pain.
Minutes feel like hours and the years are slipping by,
I wish to wake up normal so I can start to live my life.
It looks like nothing’s wrong, yet I’m lucky to be alive,
I know I am deteriorating, I will not let myself die.
I am determined to succeed, and treat this till the end,
Some call me a “warrior”, I’m just a guy, and your friend
I am a Daddy too, a Husband and a Son,
This is my motivation, when Lyme thinks it has won.
So never ever quit, and fight it all the way,
Lyme takes too many lives from us, no more is what I pray.
A cure is out of reach, so remission is my goal,
And even if Lyme does win, it can never infect my soul.

(Rest In Peace, to our friends, who we have lost, because of Lyme)
Dave Main

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2 thoughts on “Meet Dave Main and see the Video his Father made for Him”

  1. Keep up your hope. Such heartfelt love from your Dad as he sings the song. And you! are amazing. Keep on keeping on and together we will find a cure! Hopefully sooner! My heart goes out to you and your family…. xoxox Pamela

  2. what a beautiful, heartfelt song written and sang by his dad!!


    i’m posting the link for this video on the lyme board where i post on VIDEOS; they’ll enjoy it too.

    bettyg, iowa activist

    47 yrs. chronic lyme
    35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs. UNACCEPTABLE

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