Lyme Legislation in Oregon

oregon lyme legislationMarch 2015

Regular Session
(Introduced) Directs Oregon Medical Board and Oregon State Board of Nursing to adopt rules regarding diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
SB916 2015 Detail
SB916 2015 Text
SB916 2015 Comments

Public Hearing Scheduled.


Regular Session
(Failed) Relating to state finance; declaring an emergency.
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  1. Senate Bill 916 just passed the Senate today with a 24-6 vote. We are working with the house side to put some wording back in that we feel is necessary. But its a start. This bill was introduced by The Oregon Lyme Disease Network Task force. Our task force is lead by Theresa Denham, Co lead Dr Stephen Heppe, and force Katie McLaughlin. Assistants Sharon Lee , David Johnson, Mary Jane Heppe, Elizabeth Arroe, and Jessie Brody Mike Dewey and Beth Schultz

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