Lyme Lives Here Campaign

A simple campaign that all our Lyme Friends can participate in.

The point of the Lyme Lives Here Campaign is to make sure every state and every country is represented in the Worldwide Lyme Protest.

* Put a sign that says, “Lyme Lives Here” in your front yard. Next to it you could also put a place for people to take brochures.

* Make signs at your local support group and take pictures that say “Our town (name, NY) supports the 2014 World Wide Lyme Awareness Protest” (WWLAP)
And then take some photos and send them to Lisa Hilton, the USA World Wide organizer, ( ) ” And feel free to add your support group information!

* You can stand outside with a sign for example, on an intersection or at a park, of course don’t block obstruct traffic or thru traffic.

* Hold up a sign at the mall, school, hospital grounds, or any public place. Check ahead to see if you need permission.

What great togetherness and real community we can show by doing this!

You can send pictures to
Post them to Lyme Lives Here Facebook Page

Read the history on how the “Lyme Lives Here” Campaign got started.

Note* All pictures will be used publicly. Only send pictures that you are giving us permission to use on our Worldwide Website,, and Facebook and other Social networking sites, and to send to newspaper and newstations and other media outlets.

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