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Lyme Patients using Magnesium Oil for Pain

Lyme Disease supplements herbs magnesiumUsing Magnesium Oil for Pain Relief
by Ron Segert

I discovered magnesium to help my partner who was dying from breast cancer to relieve muscle pain, skin lesions, and bruising from the chemo…
 I was frustrated at the cost of retail products and the fact that they were harsh to the skin, so I invented the product, Magnesium Oil Lotionas a lower cost lotion that had the healing properties of coconut and other natural oils.
Jeff Smith, MD who is an LLMD introduced me to the Lyme community because he actively prescribes my lotion in his practice for supportive therapy.  We are actively educating the community in the benefits of Magnesium for non drug pain management.
At our presentations I provide applications of product to volunteers and the results are almost instant and rather amazing even to myself. it almost feels like a revival where healing miracles are seen by laying on of hands !!!! No kidding!!!
My degree is from IU School of Medicine in Environmental/Public Health. I was trained in management of Lyme, Zika and other diseases in the environment, so this product is a natural extension of my training.
Ron Segert   

Magnesium Oil Lotion

If you are a Lyme patient, or any patient who has tried this Magnesium lotion please leave your reviews below. 

Please watch this video on how Magnesium has helped some patients with different conditions.


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3 thoughts on “Lyme Patients using Magnesium Oil for Pain”

  1. I am suffering terribly with Lyme Disease. I have so much pain. I know I need Magnesium, but it just gives me diahrea. I have been reading about your product. Does the coconut oil attack the Lyme? I have not been able to take coconut oil orally. Is there any other oil you use?

    1. Dermal application of magnesium avoids the side effects you are having and is 80% bioavailable as opposed to oral at 5%.. please contact me for more info…


    2. Hey Judy, I would suggest looking into herbal antibiotics from either Stephen Buhner, David Jernigan (his are great if you herx badly, they’re designed to lower the pain) or the Cowden or Zhang protocol. And the rife machine (google it), all of the above plus a healthy clean diet of unprocessed foods (avoid dairy sugar sometimes gluten/wheat) will lower the physical pain Of Lyme. I had neuropathy specifically.

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