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Lymesite started by Christine Anne Hellmund.


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Lyme Petition in Germany

Please help and sign this Online-Petition concerning Lyme-Borreliosis!
This ePetition will end on December 13, 2011. We need your support!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from Lyme Disease (Lyme-Borreliosis), a dangerous bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. Even today there is no vaccine, no reliable diagnostic, no always-effective therapy and the amount of research done has been miniscule. Instead, people are misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatism or Arthritis and the course of the disease can lead to disablement.

Trivialized, denied, ignored
The World Health Organization stated: In Germany at least 4 million people are infected with Lyme Disease. According to insurance companies one million Germans had been infected only in 2009. And numbers are increasing. By now, Lyme Disease has grown into epidemic proportions. It is the fastest growing infectious disease in Germany.

Many diseases have to be notified in Germany to evaluate its threat to the public. For years it has been prevented to make Lyme Disease notifiable, even though it is one of the most dangerous and fastest growing diseases. Why? This way it can be “officially” stated that Lyme Disease is still rare and no actions need to be taken.

How can you help?
Lyme-Disease has to be made notifiable in all states of Germany, by now it is notifiable only in some states. Help us stopping them from claiming it to be a rare disease and sign this Online-Petition to make Lyme Disease notifiable in Bremen. It takes only a few mouseclicks – please join the cause! Everybody can sign, regardless where he/she lives or which nationality he/she belongs to.

1st step: Click on the red words “Diese Petition unterstützen” – a new screen opens

2nd step: Please scroll down until you get to the form “Persönliche Angaben”

3rd step: You only need to fill the following boxes

Anrede = You can choose Mr. oder Mrs. (Herr or Frau)

Nachname = Last name

Vorname = First name

Straße/ Hausnr. = Street / No.

Postleitzahl/ Ort = Zipcode/ City

E-Mail = Your E-Mail-Adress

Then you have to click on “SENDEN” = Send – and its done!

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  1. Wonderful that you are helping the Germans. The more voices, the louder the sound could be heard all around the world. United for more attention, better diagnostics and adequate treatment for all who are suffering from Lyme-Borreliosis and co-infections.

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