Lyme Picnic Around the World: Fox Valley, Wisconsin


Fox Valley, Wisconsin

And we kick off the  “Lyme Picnics Heard Around the World” event! Thank you Megan Stumpf and Janelle Gulczynski for hosting the second annual Lyme picnic of 2016! We are so happy to see all our Lyme friends from around the world getting together, not to protest, not to raise awareness but simply come together for fellowship. Just to be able to hang out in a group of people who are understanding, compassionate and who “get it.”

Fox Valley, Wisconsin Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Megan Stumpf

Were you at this picnic? Tell us in the comments below what it felt like to gather with a group of Lyme friends that you have met online and be able to finally meet them face to face! What was your experience like?

To Learn more about the Lyme Picnic Heard Across the World Click Here!

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  1. This was an awesome event! We laughed and we’re all able to eat with out asking 1000 questions! Cheers to new friends and warriors on this battlefield!

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