Lyme Picnic Heard around the World

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Lyme Picnic Heard around the World

What is this?

The Lyme Picnic Heard around the World is a get together that Jeff Rainey. Eric Pascal Kind and Lisa HIlton are working on making happen.  We thought it would be nice for Lyme friends to  all get together for some face to face time. Not to protest, not to raise awareness, but simply for the fellowship and getting to meet some of your online friends.

There is a Facebook  group  to organize some “get togethers” worldwide for Lyme patients.

Here is a list of all the get togethers by country and state. These are the people who volunteered so far. This list will keep growing so keep checking back in or let us know if you are interested in organizing one!
(We are just getting started so there are no set times or locations yet but we will add them as they get set)


See Pictures of Events that Already Happened at Bottom of Post

Planned Events so far in 2016


East Anglia area: Coordinator: Lindsay Brand


11/9 i Göteborg ( Gothenburg)


Coordinator: Eric Pascal Kind
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Event #1: Sweden arranged by Janna Arnesdatter mid august.
Event #2: Gothenburg, Sweden arranged by @Marianne Majsan Orrenius september 11th


A small tea get together Sarah Warren

United States

Coordinator: Lori Lynn
AR Bytes Back (Lyme Advocacy Group)

Coordinator: Lydia Niederwerfer

Colorado Lyme Picnic 2016

Coordinator: Annie Majocha
Plans: A nice park in Connecticut (not too far from Massachusetts or Rhode Island
FB Page:

Event #1:
(Jacksonville) Coordinator: Wendy Knox
Event #2:
Coordinator: Ginny Dittfield Dudek Lyme picnic (3-9 pm) at my house, Saturday September 3rd. I live in the country, just outside of Research Triangle Park, NC.

Atlanta: Leanne Carnell Carter
Fb Group:

Coordinator: Jennifer Marie Parlette Roberts
FB Page: Maryland Facebook Lyme Picnic Group

Maryland Lyme Picnic Heard around the World

Coordinator: Jesenia Sanchez
FB Page: Berkshires Picnic

(West Michigan) Ruth EJ James (getting group together to travel to Wisconsins event)

Coordinator: Kory James
Thursday, September 1 at 2 PM – 6 PM
Heartland Park: Park Rapids, Minnesota 56470
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Coordinator: Donna Vreeland
Join the Facebook here:

New York:
Rory Hubert Kahn   Picnic on August 27 in Rock Tavern, NY.
Join the New York Facebook Page Here

North and South Carolina:
Coordinators: Holly Bachle Kitchin Roesing & Rebecca Thomas Suchenski

North Carolina
Monday, September 5 at 3 PM – 6 PM
Lyme picnic at my handicap accessable home, Saturday September 3rd. I live in the country, just outside of Research Triangle Park, NC. We can stay inside all day if it’s too hot. I have free range chickens, so the ticks count is diminished! I’ll provide veggie burgers and gluten free NY style Tomato Pie.
Facebook Group:

North Carolina Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World

Philly Picnic: 
Steph Herbert

(Portland) Becca Moses Jennifer Rhines
FB event:

Tennessee Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World

Camping Trip #1: Coordinators: Jeff Rainey, Jennifer Skapars & Olivia Anne
FB Event:

Picnic #2:
Hampton Roads, Virginia Coordinators: Robin Virginia &  Colleen Wheeler

Picnic #3:  (Northern  VA) Virginia: Elena Dolores

The Rainey’s Blacksburg, VA Lyme Picnic

Coordinators: Washington Lyme Fighters
When: Sept 10th 3pm to dusk
5400 N Pearl St
Tacoma, Wa 98407

West Virginnia:
Coordinator: Missy Mossor

Lisa Hilton & Jennifer Christie Jeri Dobson Clemens Amanda Weimer Jeri Dobson Clemens
Facebook Event:

Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World: Appleton, Wisconsin

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