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Lyme Question: Do you Feel Unexplainable Shocks?

lyme disease questionsLyme Disease and Shock Like Feelings?

Many Lyme patients report feeling shock like feelings. Some explain as a sudden shock in their head, neck or a certain area in their body.

Others explain it as little zaps that happen when they are laying still, especially at night.

We are inviting Lyme patients to share their experiences. We also would like for medical professionals to throw in their two cents as to what the cause of these “shocks” could be.

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Lyme Question: Do you feel unexplained shock like feelings ever?

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19 thoughts on “Lyme Question: Do you Feel Unexplainable Shocks?”

  1. Yes, in my brain. They are usually accompanied by short periods of loss. Like an absence seizure. Now that I’m on a couple of anti-seizure meds, they are quite a bit better. 🙂

  2. I found this description of electric shocks interesting and also an accurate visual. I have had Lyme since October 2007 and often descried my pains as surges of pain but that seemed different from how most people described it as just joint pain. My pains seems to shoot up a limb or in my fingers or various places. My initial Lyme attack affected my heart in such an extreme fashion that the fluid that was filling the heart lining was causing my heart to shut down and I had to be airlifted for emergency heart surgery to save my life. I assumed the form my pain took was unusual and perhaps linked to the fact it had affected my circulatory system. I wonder if others with this manifestation also had heart-affected Lyme bouts?

  3. I have had this shocking sensation for at least the last 4-5 years. It has been aggravating not knowing what was causing it for the longest time. I found out two years ago that I have Chronic Lyme Disease. Before being diagnosed, I had been seeing a MS Specialist in Atlanta that was treating me for all of my neurological symptoms that mimicked Multiple Sclerosis but we did not know it was Lyme at the time. I get these strange electrical shocks along my middle to lower spine. I think they can become more frequent when under more stress but there are times where it seems like these shocks come on with no rhyme or reason. As bad as it may sound, seeing this article made me feel better. I don’t feel so isolated and alone with some of these Lyme symptoms having read this article.
    Unless you have been infected with Lyme, it is very hard to understand and empathize with this very complicated disease. My LLMD says I have had Lyme for probably 15 years at least. I remember being bitten as a teenager, feeling lethargic like I had mono/the flu or something similar. Wish I had known what these symptoms were a long time ago so I could have received the proper treatment at the time. Wishing strength, & healing to all of my fellow “Lymies” out there.

  4. Oh my goodness what TIMIMG this started in mr me excuse me CABTCTEXT type from joint and now tingling zaps since Friday was scared was ms or strike someone thought I just prayed it was temporary and lifted or BC not on any meds right now have Lyme since honeymoon in Ireland sheep tick undiagnosed even begged testing been very ill started Lyme tx late stage 5″6 years later finally found WHEJ went right away now no more husband and have to live in facility where they never heard of Lyme yes tingling very bad from head to toe like I called it electricity swirling through head to toes espnfor NEVIN extremities in arms hands funded legs feet ties ABD myblyme brought severe symmetrical RA Bueno Arteritis vestibular neuritis SJOGREBS no salivary glands for those with Lyme seizures I feel all your pain and now this to boot I pray it lifts for all of us soon glad to have the support here
    I do get Lyme seizures my THERAPYBDIG therapy dog sniffs out before have them they are DUFFEREBT Han this electricity pins and needles feeling swirling throughout body
    So it’s neurolyme? Is there a name for this symptom? Any meds for it? I pray we all fell better ABD lifts soon for me and all you

  5. In the past shocks of sudden sharp pain in teeth and face.. Lyme caused Trigeminal Neurolagia. Better with treatment to date .

    1. Hi Rebecca, what treatment. I was recently diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, after I had 47 episodes of electrical shock in my head from scalp to my jaw, lasting between one and 20 seconds. I am currently on carbamazepine 3 times a day/300mg each. it was working for a while since April 6 it is now back as of this week. Are used to think it was happening around electrical equipment but now I get zapped in every room in my house, it is better when I’m in my car on the road.

  6. Yes this has been the most significantly consistent symptom that separates this disease from others. I have sudden twitching in various parts of my body, a bit like a shock, especially when I am lying still at night. The worse these get the worse the relapse. They come in all parts of my body without warning. I got a serious burn on, holding a boiling cup of tea, twitched and I lost the cup and boiling water down my chest. I also get ‘fizzing’ sensations in my head. It feels really weird but my husband knows when I am having one as my whole face changes. That lasts quite a few seconds. I have also had seizures where I lose bowel control which is very embarrassing.

  7. Whole body shocks. I have had them 6 years and until my Lyme dx a year and a half ago i had no idea what they were. Doctors thought seizures but nothing showed up on EEG. I am honestly not surprised that it goes along with Lyme sense the entire neuro system seems to suffer greatly.

  8. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia caused by Lyme disease. Classic TN causes shocks to the face and is extremedy painful. I am currently in treat mentioned for Lyme and TN.

    1. Hi Mandi, i am on the same boat. What treatment are you getting? Is it working? My carbamazepine worked three times a day 200mg worked for three months but no more. I am back getting zapped every 5-10 minutes. When i finally go to sleep, i wake up with the feeling of a web of electrified middle on my face.

  9. Yes mine are always in my head through the back and go inwards or sides and go in – like a lightning bolt hitting me! It is my worst symptom and it is so scary! It changes my hearing sometimes too and will shock into my ears 🙁

    1. Renee. That’s exactly what I feel too. It’s like I get shocked by a lighting in the head and get deafened by a flashbang.

      It’s happened twice with me. After the second time I’ve/my body has learned to predict when it would happen and I’d just wake myself up right before the attack happens.

      I got bitten by a tick almost a year ago and I fear I have the Lyme disease too. This is the only symptom I have, other than irregular heartbeats at night.

  10. Yes all the time in my brain the will come from the back or from the sides and radiate it – it is my worst symptom like a seizure in my head – they will change my hearing as well – it feels like lightning is striking insid my brain

  11. I had what I called full body vibration.
    I felt like I had a low current of electricity running through my body.
    I always thought I could only feel it, then one morning my hubby went to kiss me good bye while i was still in bed.
    He said “You’re trembling!”
    I was like “You can feel that?”
    It lasted for at least a year leading up to my diagnosis when I felt like my organs were going to give out.
    And it continued almost through my entire treatment on my picc line for 18 months.
    That is now a symptom of the past.
    I blame it on the neurological Lyme.

    1. hi holly. i also have full body vibrations. subtle but, ya, feels as if my body is ‘humming’ from a low current…

  12. Yes! I get these shocks or zaps randomly. Mine do worsen at night especially as I transition to sleep and sometimes are so bad they trigger a hyperstartle, flash of light in my head. They always wake me up in a flash! They have gotten better with treatment but still occur especially with hormonal fluctuations.

    1. hi marni. i can relate to the flash of light in the head during the transition to sleep. totally wakes me up. i usually had an extremely loud, quick bang accompanying the shock and flash.

      with homeopathic treatments from an ND it’s been a long time since it’s happened.

  13. I have unexplainable shocks when i push myself with stress like making a full dinner alone, out shopping in a hurry. Just normal stress. I do not feel the stress and the shock comes without any warning. It last just a moment and i fix it with a very deep breath and hold on to something. This has been a big problem for about 3 years now. My doctors have no explination.
    I have had Lyme for 21 years and there have been a lot of unexplained happenings ,
    surgeries and infections.

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