Lyme Question: Why Can’t I Eat or Drink without having a Reaction?

Lyme Patients: Why They Can’t Eat or Drink Normally Anymore

I would like to start this page off by explaining that I am just a Lyme patient myself. In the last couple years many  Lyme patients have messaged me totally discouraged about their issues with not being able to eat or drink, even water at times without having some sort of negative reaction such as hives, sweating, lightheadedness, throat closing and other negative symptoms.

I am curious why this happens as well as would like some answers to give people who come to me. Please share your experiences with this problem if you have gone through this or are going through this now. Tell us in the comments below if you have found anything that helps you with this problem what your doctor told you is causing it, and just i general what is happening to you in regards to this issue. We would also love to hear any medical professionals view on this.

Here are some articles we collected on this subject.

Here are some videos from Lyme patients and Doctors talking about Lyme and Food Allergies



Facebook Lyme Patient Responses


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