March Mayday Update~ Please Share~ Important Mayday News


MayDay 2014: this year we will be demanding change. We ask that you strongly consider attending for days that will bring real change. Bring friends, family and anyone else that you can grab.

We will be hammering the IDSA and CDC from every angle. Not only will we be surrounding the IDSA headquarters in Arlington, VA, right outside of Washington DC. A billboard truck with our demands will be circling the building for two full days. Thier social media pages, email address, fax machines, phone lines will be flooded, as well as hard copies mailed and hand delivered with our demands and stories. This will happen for two long days. Media coverage will be present to capture this. The full two days will be live streaming the full event. Change happens this year, be a part of that change. Come and join us May 22nd and 23rd as we swarm and protest the IDSA. Don’t be on the fence, come out and fight for your life. We need you and your help!

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Official page: Mayday Project

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Share, please make sharing this everywhere all across social media a priority. If you have Lyme and you want change or love someone with Lyme do your part and make the world aware. Hit that share button.

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