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Marisol Thomas, Wife of Rob Thomas, Talks about her Lyme Disease Journey

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Marisol Thomas, the wife of Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, who also runs the charity, Sidewalk Angels, has been dealing with a mysterious illness for many years, even leading to brain surgery for benign lesions. In the interviews posted below she talks about her journey to a Lyme disease diagnosis and her symptoms such as vision problems and seizures. Rob Thomas has gone on to not only support his wife but help promote Lyme awareness by singing his song, “Unwell” at the Global Lyme Alliance Gala.

We wish you luck Marisol and hope that you find the answers you need to heal. ♥ Thank you Rob for standing by your wife and helping her through her journey and even going further using your talents to bring awareness to the Lyme disease cause!

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10 thoughts on “Marisol Thomas, Wife of Rob Thomas, Talks about her Lyme Disease Journey”

  1. Its been a couple of days since I watched the speech on your journey with Lymes It was as if I was speaking through you
    My illnesses are a head injury and now diabetes

  2. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1994. To date I live with the constant fight with doctors who feel I am drug seeking and do not require the medications that help me be able to occasionally interact with my grown children. Daily battles explaining why I can’t get up and go out to accomplish minor things like shopping and banking or dinner with my kids are days filled with guilt. I hate feeling guilty along with chronic pain yet still expected to function at a level where each step I take is like walking on broken glass with every step. I try to smile and not share my inner misery but that just leads to others thinking it is all an act I use at my convenience. I live in San Antonio, Texas and to date have yet to find an understanding and compassionate doctor for this disease. Pain management doctors need justification for medication but Lyme leaves little MRI reasons to treat pain that is in my head. Currently, with this new opioid epidemic rules being passed the medications that have taken me years to receive are being stripped away month by month leaving me more isolated in greater pain with no resort or help. If there is a treatment area here I have failed to find it to date. As a nurse, I can explain medically exactly what my symptoms are on a daily basis but that just makes me appear more suspicious in their eyes. Frozen in time, unshed tears, painfully staring at the clock are the poster of this disease. God bless you for speaking out and maybe some day ears and hearts will listen and respond.


  3. I knew she was not well, but i had no idea. What a strong, compassionate husband. To say nothing of Marisol’s determination to make a full recovery. God Bless You All.

  4. God bless Rob n Marisol for be strong n understanding tha this illness take us by surprise n its no much we can do an when ee got a man n our side with no compassion it gets worse m so lonelly an sick smedays i wish i just get done eith this aint hot fam to help me and this SS chek its enough to pay my roof i just dnt lnow what to do m not strong no more m days n days in pain here alone cry days go bye. I wish i could be happy jusy 1 day.. Marisol n rob God bless u an thamk u for your musiv thru years

  5. Like Marisol, in 2003 my life was permanently altered by a “mystery illness.”

    We didn’t truly consider the possibility that I (my husband’s beautiful, healthy, active spouse) would become seriously ill at an early age.

    My doctors exacerbated our difficulties with their inability to diagnose and/or cure me. This served to feed my husband’s insecurities that, perhaps, I was not committed to our marriage.

    He came to believe I fabricated “illness” to excuse my unpleasant behavior (fatigue, moodiness, pain). He was certain my “real reason” for being irritable was that I, in fact, (allegedly) had immense disdain for him.

    Obtaining disability benefits was a nightmare. Additionally, my inability to work was contested in my divorce. Despite favorable judgments on both accounts, my (ex)husband continues to believe I fabricate illness for purposes of harming him.

    In listening to Rob’s music, his journey seems to include struggles similar to those of my husband. (As a matter of fact, in 2008, he gave me a playlist that included Matchbox 20’s “If You’re Gone.” It seemed like he wanted my assurance that any efforts he might expend working on our marriage would guarantee success).

    Witnessing Rob’s display of affection and understanding of Marisol’s condition is bittersweet for me. My marriage didn’t make it. However, I believe healing was a possibility, if and only if, we had access to the truth about my illness.

    So, I am sincerely grateful, Rob and Marisol, for sharing your experience and knowledge. I have hope that you are providing information that may be just what couples in the future may need to survive what we were not able to.


    1. I’ve had a “mysterious” illness for at least 20 years. Chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, stomach issues, chronic pain, adult mono, major chronic depression, etc…I’m hoping to find out soon an exact diagnosis. I get it. Sorry you went through that.


  6. I have Lyme diagnosed late and I have been feeling since I got my diagnosis in 2012 that Marisol may have it too

    I had no idea how to reach them years ago when I felt she may have it

    I love Rob Thomas music and I pray for both of you – Marisol & Rob through this journey and healing

    I also praise Rob for staying by Marisols side as my husband was not as brave to Do the Right Thing” as Rob is.

    God Bless you Marisol & Rob

    1. Marisol you are so lucky to have found a man that is there for you! devotion you will find the strength to best your problem cassie

      1. It’s been a couple of days since I watched your speech shout your illnesses
        It was as if I was speaking through you O

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