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Lyme Disease Education and Support Groups of Maryland 


Lucy Barnes, Director

Lyme Disease Education and Support Groups of Maryland

MAY 2007-  Lyme disease is on the rise and Maryland has the second highest number of reported cases in the country this year.  In an effort to educate physicians and the public about this growing health concern, Governor Martin O’Malley recently issued a Proclamation declaring May 2007 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month. 

Lyme Disease Awareness Month provides an opportunity to focus on this complex infectious disease and is designed to increase public awareness in the hopes of preventing future cases.

The Governor’s official Proclamation states Lyme disease is a common, but frequently misunderstood illness that, if not caught early and treated properly, can cause serious health problems. 

Early symptoms of Lyme disease can include fever, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue and rash.  The disease often goes undetected or is misdiagnosed because it mimics a multitude of other illnesses.  Untreated Lyme disease can lead to severe heart, neurological, muscle, eye, and joint problems as the bacteria disseminates and invades the bodies organs and organ systems.

According to the Proclamation, the health and well-being of the citizens of the State of Maryland is paramount to the Governor of Maryland. 

The Lyme Disease Education and Support Groups of Maryland and chronically ill patients across the state appreciate Governor O’Malley’s support and attention to this growing epidemic.  

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  1. Yes, Lyme does live here for 14 years now – why doesn’t the medical community believe that? Why am I still very sick after being treated? I want my life back, I do no good for the community lying around living off disability. I have a degree in Human Services and I want to be using it!!

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