Maryland passes another Lyme Bill!

mayland lyme b8ills legislation


From NatCapLyme:

NatCapLyme is thrilled to announce that Maryland SB 926, “The Lyme Disease-Laboratory Testing-Required Notice” bill has passed unanimously out of the Senate and House and will go to Governor Hogan’s desk for his signature! See More on Bill SB 926 Here.

Learn more about NatCapLyme at:

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One thought on “Maryland passes another Lyme Bill!”

  1. lisa, thank you for the update on MARYLAND’S passing their newest lyme bill.

    plus the UPDATES on the states shown in your 2nd link here

    plus those drs. under investigation and/or outcome of these years ago.

    lisa, you put out a very informative, up-to-date newsletters helping us all in a timely manner.

    thanks my wisc. friend,

    bettyg, iowa activist

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