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Maureen Anlauf February 13, 2017

Maureen Anlauf

Feb 13,  2017

We sadly report that we heard of the loss of Maureen today. Maureen was loved in the Lyme community and we are sorry for this loss. ♥ Her sister Valerie posted that she died from inflammatory breast cancer. We include everyone in the Lyme community in our Lyme Memorial, because first, they were a part of our close community, and secondly because we are keep track of what our dear Lyme friends pass from. There has been some links to cancer developing because in patients with Lyme disease and Bartonella.

Funeral arrangements for Maureen Anlauf
Saturday, February 18th
Visitation at 10:00am
Funeral service at 11:00am
At Wulff funeral home
1485 White Bear Avenue in St Paul
Lunch directly after
In honor of Maureen we would ask you wear your fanciest shoes and best sun glasses. “It’s all about the accessories”

From Maureen’s Fundrasier:

“You knew her as an acclaimed hair-stylist, a nine-time nominee and
three-time winner of the Professional Beauty Association’s annual
North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). Her collections were
ethereal, futuristic, geometric, bold and daring. One imaginative
collection involved the use of more than 80,000 feet of fiber-optic
tubing. If you had the pleasure of sitting in her chair at Juut Salon Spa
in St. Paul, MN, you enjoyed the experience of her studied eye and
Zen-like focus, and you had a haircut that invited compliments from

But in 2010, after 15 years of suffering the devastating effects of
undiagnosed Lyme Disease, Maureen Anlauf put her artist’s tools
away. She could no longer control the tremors in her hands or guide
the scissors or color brushes with her signature precision. She could no
longer find the words to hold up her end of a conversation. Her weeks-
long migraine headaches made the light of day unbearable, and the
profound fatigue, memory loss, confusion, debilitating pain, anxiety
and insomnia brought on by the disease made work and interaction
with others impossible. She drew the shades and retreated into

We aim to bring her back into the light. After many misdiagnoses
and futile medical interventions, Maureen was finally diagnosed
with late-stage Lyme Disease in 2011. The tick-borne illness, which
has gone unchecked for at least 15 years, has done much damage.
Maureen’s only hope of recovery is an intensive 18-month treatment
program, starting with eight months of IV-administered antibiotics.
The treatment will cost more than $100,000 and is not covered by

It’s too late for a quick cure for Maureen. But it’s not too late for
those of us who love her and admire and appreciate her work to help
her. Please consider making a donation toward her medical expenses
today. Time is of the essence.”

Articles about Maureen

Accomplished Twin Cities Hairstylist Fighting Lyme Disease

One thought on “Maureen Anlauf February 13, 2017”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful write-up on Maureen and video shown.

    I do believe I met her once or twice during my 2 times at WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. Sept. 2015/16 lyme meetings.

    My sympathies to her family/friends on their huge loss of this beautiful woman.

    RIP MAUREEN; no more pain and suffering in heaven for you.

    you’ll be an activist there ….

    Betty Gordon
    Iowa lyme activist

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