may is lyme awareness month

May 2016 Lyme Awareness Events

may is lyme awareness month

May 2016  Lyme Awareness Events

Here we go again… May is Lyme awareness month and many Lyme Patients, groups, advocates and organizations will plan events around the world.

 If you have an event you would like us to list, please Contact us Here

May Campaigns

United States

Lyme Buddies Presentation at Jimmy the Greeks 
When: May 1st- 10:30am-12 noon
Where: Jimmy the Greeks, 115 Philbrook Ave, South Portland, ME

Ticked Off Art
Where: Minnesota
May 5 – May 31
The Maple Grove Arts Center is proud to announce our fourth annual, Ticked Off Art: A Show about Lyme Disease Application Available Here: Ticked Off Art App

Lyme Awareness Rally
Where: Washington
When: Date to be announced soon
Lyme patients will stand outside and protest along with Lorraine and Anna Hart. This is an annual event that the Harts do to bring about Lyme Awareness in Washington.

Canada Lyme Disease Demonstration
Where: 706 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1C5
When: Tuesday, May 17 at 12 PM in UTC-03

The Mayday Project Rally #1
Where: Washington DC
When: May 19

The Mayday Project Rally #2 & #3
Where: Arlington, VA and Atlanta, GA
When: May 20th

Advocates from across the U.S. will gather for a “We the People” rally at the U.S. Capitol on May 19. The next day, simultaneous solidarity rallies will be held at the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) headquarters in Arlington, VA, and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Germany will organize again some events in May 2016
In Hamburg, Germany
In Berlin, Germany:

Please see more details on Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation


Hungarian Lyme Even (Protest) will be held on 21th of May in Budapes (our capital): The details will be uploaded continously. The event can be found on their Facebook Page: I. Lyme betegek országos találkozója

Please see more details on Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation


UK protest arranged for the 24th May in Parliament Square in London. From 11 am until about 2 pm.

Please see more details on Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation


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2 thoughts on “May 2016 Lyme Awareness Events”

  1. So why don’t the Lyme disease community protest the CDC every single month until we get the criminals to admit the corruption! We have everything to gain and nothing to loose. This once a year protest I think just isn’t enough. Government and the FDA, CDC needs to have their feet out to the fire until WE GET the facts straight and the insurance companies pay for the treatments needed so we can finally get back on our dam feet and get back to our lives!!! I just don’t understand how this has taken this long to accomplish yet the government gives over 1 billion dollars for this Zika virus??? It’s a slap in the face to every Lyme diseased inflicted patient, to the CARING doctors that have lost their practice to help us patients. It’s time we the patients along with the LLMDs to join together and fight this now!!! Let’s not wait for five more years. How many deaths will accrue In The next five years because of Lyme disease and the coinfections. We know it’s real, the scientists know it’s real, the LLMD doctors know it’s real. Scientific evidence has proved its real. So when do we scream and shout every single month at the CDC doorsteps and the capital until this is no longer an issue and we can all be treated like every other ill patient from other illnesses. What’s the hold up!!! If we can deal with this every day we need to stand up once a month and stand up where it counts!!! At the CDC door steps, at the capital doorsteps and anywhere else we need to stand!!! I am mad and I know everyone else is. Let’s quit talking and let’s start FIGHTING MAD!!!!

    1. We have tried and tried the protest route.. everyone is too sick and too poor to keep showing up. Even the annual protests have dwindled in their numbers as it never seems to change anything and media ignores us. (I was the US coordinator for the Worldwide Lyme Protests) two years in a row and on the Mayday Project team which is still going… (Im not on the team anymore) but they put a ton of effort into it but noone shows up for varying reasons. Look at this post to see the protests that have been done.. there are many

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