May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month!


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

There are many different things people can do to bring about Lyme awareness. We are all at different levels of sickness so we will list the events that are going on now, for those of you who are well enough to attend. We will also list the things you can do from home, if you are homebound. Which, sadly we know is the case in many circumstances with Lyme patients. If you are a family member or friend of a person with Lyme Disease, they would be highly honored to see you share this post or even better, partake in any of these activities to show your support. Thank you all and happy Lyme Awareness Month!

Lyme Awareness Ideas

1. Find events in your area and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.11150404_10205083920751579_7709501097388559725_n

2. Participate in the Lyme Lives Here Campaign!

3. challenges YOU to take “The Lyme Disease Challenge.”

4. Make a “Be Kind for Lyme” video.

5. Turn your porch light to green!

6.Tie a lime green ribbon around a tree or mailbox in your yard!

7. Tweet about Lyme Disease!

8. Pin Lyme Awareness posters on Pinterest.

9. Tumblr your Lyme Awareness posters.

10. Change your Facebook profile to green or add a Lyme awareness ribbon to your picture. 

S.L.A.M. decks out Massachusetts in lime green ribbons!
S.L.A.M. decks out Massachusetts in lime green ribbons!

11. Change your Facebook Banner to a Lyme Awareness picture. 

12. Write your local representatives and ask them to support Lyme legistlature. 

13. Put a Lyme Awareness Flag in your yard. 

14. Wear Lyme Awareness bracelets, shirts, or jewelry.

15. Share a Lyme fundraiser to show eveyrone how serious Lyme is. 

16. Do a guest post on Tell us your story, your events you are planning, how Lyme has affected you!

17.  Ask celebrities to help us in our cause.

18. Make a Lyme poster for the “Lyme Patient’s View” campaign. 

19. Start a Lyme  Walk!aaa-230x300

20. Attend a Lyme Event

21. Donate to or share a Lyme Foundation.

22. Tell the IDSA how you feel on their Facebook wall.

23. Tell the CDC how you feel on their Facebook wall.

24. Write a poem about Lyme Disease.

25. Write a song about Lyme Disease. 

26. Take the Lyme Polls

27. Make a Lyme cartoon. 

28. Sign the Petitions.

29. Write down your Lyme Story! Send it to us to post!

30. Start a blog.

31. Use art to explain Lyme Disease.wwp lyme disease

32. Help spread the Celebrities PSAs. (Public Service Announcements)

33. Write your Lyme story or Lyme Prevention tips to the local newspaper. 

34. Ask PBS to air Under our Skin.

35. Make a Youtube Video.

36. Write a Hub Page Lyme Article. 

37. Check to see if there’s any Call to Actions that relate to you. 

38. Design Lyme Awareness attire on Zazzle, Cafepress or Vista Print.

39. Join the 1,000 Letter for Lyme Campaign writing to doctors that misdiagnose Lyme!

40. Add your marker on the “Chronic Lyme Lives Here” map. 

41. Add your picture and Lyme story onto the Google “We are the Millions” Lyme album.

42. Add your picture to the “Wall of Faces” for Lyme patients.

43. Put a Lyme information box in your yard!

44. Raise money and put up a Lyme Disease Awareness Billboard!

45. Share some Lyme Awareness Banners or Posters.

46. Do a Flash Mob Lyme awareness dance or die in. Click here for Die Ins. Flash Dance.

47. Share ILADs, “Lyme Basics” on your Facebook or Twitter.

48. Learn How to Remove a Tick properly! 

49. Help spread “ILADs, “Lyme Quick Facts” on social media.

50. Support a Lymie by shopping at the Lyme Shop.

May 2016 Lyme Awareness Events

Past Lyme Protests and Events

These articles might interest you and help give you ideas of what has already been done, and some ongoing campaigns you might now have been aware of!

Lyme Patient Die Ins
Done in several states and countries!

Lyme Protest Timeline
earn the History of Lyme Protests

History of Lyme Disease
Learn the past events, news, and historical facts about Lyme Disease.

Learn about Who’s Who in the Lyme World
Lyme authors, protest planners, flawed IDSA guildeine authors

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