Mayday 2013

WIL would like to give a big shout out to all the organizers and Nat Cap Lyme for making the Mayday Lyme Rally a big success this year!


Josh Cutler

Allison Hoffmann- Caruana

Melissa Ann Amber Limbaugh

Carolyn Booth Thomas

Thank you to Paul Mall for directing and leading the Flash Mob, “Die In” and “March Around the White House.”

Foundations that Supported

Nat Cap Lyme


Thank you to the Speakers

Monte Skall, Susan Greene, Dr. Shor, Katina Makris, Sharon Rainey, Dr. David Stewart, Jaime Bloom, and Tracy Will.

Thank you to everyone who help set up the morning of the event and  to all the Marshalls for keeping us safe and everything under control!

Chris Welch, Matt Galbo, Dave Mack,   and Chris N

And a huge thank you to all the folks who have Lyme Disease that showed up to make this rally happen!


Hope you enjoy some of the pictures!


Josh saying a prayer.
The Lyme Memorial
Tracy Will speaking at the Mayday Rally 2013





Dave Mack giving people hope.







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