Media and News Interviews that came out of the Mayday and Worldwide Lyme Protests

Protest Footage

Year after year Lyme patients put on awareness events, protests, walks, rallies, info booths, you name it, they do it. Tons of info is posted daily on social media about our Lyme plight. Lyme patients have been trying to get the word out about the lack of accurate testing, the lack of  knowledge on our doctors parts, the denial that Chronic Lyme disease exists and the isolation one feels when rejected by doctors, friends and families, not to mention the pain of losing your jobs, and everything you worked for your whole life due to being sick.

Activists started fighting for the Lyme awareness cause back in the 70’s when in 1975 Polly Murray shined a light on Lyme disease.

Here are some interesting notes on the timeline of Lyme disease.

The first recorded case of Lyme Disease is described by physician Alfred Buchwald in Breslau, Germany. He described it as a degenerative skin disorder now known as ACA (acrodermatitis chronica atorphicans) with the earmarks of Lyme Disease.

The disease is found to be associated with neurological problems. Click here

The disease is found to also cause psychiatric problems. Click here

Late 1940′s
America recruits over 2,000 Nazi Scientist like Eric Traub, in a project called “Project Paperclip,” to work on Plum Island with animal viruses and bacteria. (Ironically researchers isolate Bb in ticks collected off Shelter Island and Long Island shortly after Traub’s arrival.

The first case of babesiosis was reported from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, in 1969. Since the late1980′s, the disease has spread from the islands off the New England coast to the mainland. Cases have also been reported all across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Lyme disease first registered on the public radar in 1975, when Polly Murray, a resident of the coastal town of Lyme, Connecticut, complained to physicians about symptoms that affected her entire family.

Allen C. Steere, Yale, investigates a group of rashes and swollen joints in Lyme, Connecticut.

Congressman Michael Forbes surprises Plum Island for a visit because he was suspicious of what was going on over there. “Read more in the book, “Lab 257.”

Nov 3, 1999
Click here

LYMErix vaccine removed from market.
CDC’s side
LDA meets with EPA. Lymerix Meeting

Keep Reading the History of Lyme disease Here

Starting in 2013 things seemed different. With Mayday and the Worldwide Lyme protests, there seemed to be more coverage then in prior years, but still knowledge on Chronic Lyme disease was lacking. That being said however, several people talked about a “feeling in the air” that things were changing. It seemed like everyone you ran into, either had Lyme disease themselves or knew someone who had it. More and more people started to know that Lyme was not the easy to diagnose and quick to cure diseaese that doctors had led us to believe.

This year in 2014, the results from the Worldwide and Mayday protests were huge. There was media coverage at almost every event for the Worldwide Protests and awareness events. Several Lyme patients did interviews for newspapers and newstations. Mayday had press both days during the protest. Fox News even is following up with a series on Lyme disease. This year, 2014 there is an air of hope for the first time in Lyme sufferers lives.

From Tracy Will:

“It was an unusual sight for Arlington, Virginia on a Thursday and Friday in May… A sea of bright green shined brightly against the stark, gray buildings that reached toward the sky.

Yet even more vibrant than the colors turning heads were the hopes surging in the hearts of the crowd.

Heads turned; traffic slowed; the media showed… And we stood our ground. Tired voices chanted as weakened arms held up signs. The swarm of green colored warriors may have felt physically weak, but our strength was unparalleled.

For two days, our determined bodies surrounded the IDSA. For two days, we stood in the hot sun; legs wavering, bodies quivering, heads spinning….yet we never faltered.

Our hearts were full of a hope so strong it couldn’t be crushed by mere fatigue. Our souls were aching with a determination so fierce no amount of pain could derail us. Our voices were filled with a message so vital that nothing could stop us.

We are Lyme Warriors. We don’t give up; we will not fail.

We were heard. We will continue to be heard. Nothing will silence us.”


Here are some of the articles and news pieces that stemmed from the Worldwide and Mayday protests. If you know of others please submit them to us here so we can add them.

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Radio interview by Paula Jackson Jones

The Roanoke Times
Newspaper Article
Fox News talks about Lyme being passed congenitally and sexually.


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