Medical Equipment for Penelope


Looking good, means nothing when the inside of…

Looking good, means nothing when the inside of your body is riddled with infection. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Help my daughter & me restore the quality of our lives. I don’t bring her out when symptoms are flaring, pain is intense, spirit is breaking. I work very hard helping her feel her best. It is what I am supposed to do, yet I also am compromised. This equipment will help us. Please consider a contribution, no matter how small, the support will mean a lot to us. The amount we are trying to raise seems significant I am sure, yet with this illness, it is far from what the overall cost of other medical options.

Those who know me, really know me, should know – I LOVE Penelope (& Justin). In fact I love anyone that is suffering because it is also what I am supposed to do. I keep praying & asking God for guidance. I know He is always working, yet I feel He told me to reach out to others. If you know me, I mean really know me, you would know, it is not my desire to ask others for anything. I have been broken from that. First I seek everything from God, who has assured me His people are able, make them aware! I have been sufficient throughout a lifetime taking care of my responsibilities. It has only been since the onset of this illness I have been compromised, physically which compromises my abilities.

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