Medicinal Supplements Summit


Medicinal Supplements Summit

I don’t know if anyone else is addicted to these health talks like I am, but I have learned so much from tuning in everyday that they are on. And remember if you can’t listen to all the ones you want each day, then they do encores where they allow you to listen to them all a week or two later.

One thing I have learned is you have to take a full body approach to healing, Lyme is not just Lyme. We need to better balance our our bodies with how we eat, environmental factors, stress and it’s not easy, but it’s the best change we can give our bodies for healing. These speakers always encourage me to try harder after listening to them.

Ok so, how does it work?

REGISTER HERE for the Free Talks

Just click on any of the banners on this page and it will take you to the page where you register. They will send you emails each day of who is speaking, or you can check back here to see the posters below with the daily speakers. Each day has four or five speakers you can listen to all day. Then the next day those will be removed and new ones put up. At the end of the week, they will all be available again. About two weeks later once again all speakers are available for free.

If you want to Own These Talks

Sometimes you don’t have time to listen or maybe you want to “gift” these talks to someone you know who may need them. If so, then just CLICK HERE to buy the talks.

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If you want to purchase these talks to have them to listen at your own convenience or to gift to someone else you can purchase them by clicking on the banner below.

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