Meet Jeff Arnson, Master Advanced Certified Nutritional Microscopist in Milwaukee, WI

I am a master advanced certified nutritional microscopist in Milwaukee, WI, at GreenSquare Center for the Healing Arts. I place a single drop of blood from your fingertip under a microscope and display it onto a screen. I read the quality of the blood and determine how your everyday lifestyle choices affect the quality of the blood that determine your health. I identify red blood cells, white blood cells, bacteria, yeast/fungus and molds, along with acid crystals of all sizes, shapes, and colors. I also identify the state of imbalance of the blood, with respect to pH, the acid alkaline scale.

The Nobel Prize was handed out to Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 for his findings that, among others, bacteria can’t survive in an alkaline environment. That’s why our municipal water system is set at a pH of 7.3 – so they don’t have to contend with bacteria and fungus forming on the water pipes. They find it easier to “alkalize” the water at their end less expensive than having to deal with the build up of bacteria. This is the same idea we need to put into practice when considering our own health. By supporting the alkaline design of our amazing human organism, we can live a life without having to deal with bacteria, as our blood pH should be 7.365. When bacteria and fungus start forming in our internal pipes, it is costly and takes our health away. I would urge every one to see a certified nutritional microscopist and see for yourself, how your every day lifestyle choices are affecting the quality of your blood.

Are you creating an environment that is growing bacteria or an environment in which healthy red blood cells are thriving? It has really made a difference in my own life, and for the almost 11,000 clients I’ve seen. Nutritional Microscopy is the least invasive, least toxic, least costly, and MOST informative Non-Medical health information you may ever receive, enabling you to view the consequences of your every day lifestyle choices at the cellular level in the quality of your blood. Monitoring the changes to your lifestyle choices (how you live, eat, think, breathe, actively move about and assist your amazing human organism) and correlating those changes with the quality of your blood can empower you to make informed choices that can lead to your optimum health and wellness. Nutritional Microscopy provides the evidence necessary to make those healthy, informed choices and does not diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease of any kind. Nutritional Microscopy educates, demonstrates and motivates. It can also help you get your life back — like it did me!

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