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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation: Hi my name is Melissa Bolte. I’ve been having a very difficult time with Lyme recently and have financially strapped my family. I want my boys to have a decent Christmas as my husband and I just are not sure what were going to be able to do. I have a 14 year old and 10 year old. I’m looking for donations for them only. They need shirts size men’s medium & boys size 10, my youngest is in need of jeans size boys 8 regular, they both need shoes sizes men’s 12 and boys 4.5, those are the necessities. Anything beyond that would be a bonus even if it’s just a few bucks so we can buy then a few games. They both like Godzilla, minecraft, racing, puzzles, and anything Marvel comics. Thank you to anyone who can help please know it is more than greatly appreciated.

How to Donate to Melissa:

My e-mail address is if you need to send stuff to me. If you want to send cash.

I have a youcaring account that you can send money.
Thank you and may you all have a very happy holiday season.

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Melissa, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

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Still waiting for her wishes



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  1. Thos year I really want to access appropriate help my daughter. She is 11 years old and has selective mutism. It is an anxiety disorder so bad that she cannot talk in selctive places or with selective people. She cannot talk at school not even to her teacher to let her needs be known. I went threw several therapist all claim to know what they were doing . I even took my daughter to Hasboro Childrens hospital day program it helped with a couple of issues. But they made her anxiety go threw the roof. And had her school do the opposite of what worked with her. They actually caused her to regress at school. I read what needed to be done on selective mustism centers it was great this was in second grade I think. I went against her first therapist who said do not give her a way to communicate none verbally or she will never talk. She talked to only me her sister a few other family members and one friend I had play groups at my house since she was four. She had kids that lived downstairs come up and play with her at first cause she is most comfortably at home. Then she went downstairs. She had lots of friends come over. The worst thing you can do with a child with SM is ask them to talk or give them unwanted attention on this issue or talk about them and their SM in front of them which everyone does. But I talked to the kids downstairs and their mother and they were fantastic told her how much they liked her and she didnt have to talk to them they were happy to play with her. The little girl across the street would come over too very often. I gave her a way to communicate with her friends non verbally I bought her a DS all tje kids had one. She used it to text her friends and commucated non verbally. Witbin two months of this she started talking we could not make a big deal about it thought. She was talking to five new Kids and two were at school. Great progress I was so happy I had gotten behavior theriopist specialist and in home therorpy at this time. Then a speach theropist ocupational theropist she had some things to work on. We talked to the school I had a whole team who promised me they would help. I had her evaluated with other behavior specialist checked for Autism. They wrote out that she needed an IEP. No one else would help. I asked school to give her a communication device to help her anxiety go down and give her a way to communicate so she can hopefully continue improvements at school. It ws refused I had all these theropist no one could help I got educational advocate threw my town they said they would help then went against it. They then talked about in front of her more years lies , educational advocates not showing up me with bad cognitive functioning asking for help for my child denied She is too smart she doesn’t need IEP. She cannot read in school and is reluctant cause scholl asked me to tape her in front of her brought attention to the talking she doesn’t want anyone to here her voice. They keep pushing this way shutting her down same with Hasbro children s hospital that was recommended by tjeropist promises they would help they said tell her she has to talk she stopped wispering to another friend via school. Lost her friendship too it was one of the children she talked to out loud to just like everyone else kids. I did get her to get tested for a communication device one year but the school made a big deal about it and let her know it was to help her talk which again caused her anxiety. Us they only gave her a chioce of two and her two middle fingers don’t work to type because of surgery to separate them fused together so they denied her anyway. Got Hasboro to write out not to try using a way to communicate she is still denied even her white bored which they finally agreed to but would only give it to her for academics. No improvement for nine years now IEP should be given when no improvement after two years. . The school lied I was told by theropist helping they would fight tbis with me they then agreed with tje school the older these children get the less likely they will ever be able to talk or function away from home. I need someone to do a gofundme and collect the money and make sure it gets to in her name for up to $2000.00 so I can do teleconference with them , have doctor write out treatment plan for her they will evaluate were she is on the line. She has had tremendous progress at home with theropist willing to follow give her a way to communicate verses telling her to talk. But with theropist a little to late cause first tbey asked her to talk. She was able to only ventriloquist with them which i s a start to communication. I also could use help with testing for Lyme Disease although they say Selective Mutism is hereditary. I wonder if I could have passed Lyme inutero, would love funding an advocate in my area to help her get properly tested for Lyme. No one has taken the time to help me with these things and I am not good with my Lyme. I did take her to her pediatrician but they refused to do any other test besides Elisa and it was negative I dont know how I didn’t pass anything in utero as I got diagnosed with elchriosis two years after I had her. Physally she is fine and smarter than most kids her age. But I dont really understand undeceminated lyme or if she could have it causimg the extreme anxiety disorder. So a gofundme woud help her see the experts. If no one can do even tbis much on the web site they have cd sets on sale sometimes at a high cost of about $100. That I could take to the school to educate them. But tje doctor there calling the school giving her an individual assesment then telling tje school what to do would probably get her a better 504 or an IEP. Improved at homevwth their techniques, regress at school instant on telling her to tlk and then she will lose het anxiety and it will get easy. It is like telling someone petrified of spiders here hold this hugh spider, you won’t be afraid anymore.

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