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Lyme Misdiagnosis

What other conditions were you diagnosed with that you now believe was Lyme Disease? It is hard to know what to call all these labels, are they misdiagnoses, are they just a name for a ‘group of symptoms?” Are they illnesses that stem out of Lyme Disease? No matter what most of these labels do not have a known “cause” so further research is needed.

The following is a poll done by “” to find out what other conditions Lyme Patients have been diagnosed with.

Note: Please excuse the mispelling for “Parkinsons,” polls cannot be edited once they are saved and I don’t want to lose the data collected already.

Charts Comparing Lyme to other Illnesses

invisible-illness-chart for blog (3)

MS-cause (3)Epidemiology-invisible-illnesses (3)

Here are some other links to articles on Lyme Misdiagnoses.’s Common Lyme Misdiagnosis

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2 thoughts on “Misdiagnosis Poll”

  1. Six years sick now. No diagnose at all, the doktors tell me I have NOTHING.
    Alternative doktors say I have Lyme disease, unfortunately they havn’t been able to cure me.

  2. I got hurt 5-17-1984, caused the onset of Fibromyalgia. 1991 finally diagnosed FMS. Sent to pain specialist via my CA WCAB judge! Ugh…..had every drug thown at me, been sick from them all. My condition kept falling, loosing ground each year. I’ve seen over 50-doctors now. Had hundreds of tests. Got stuck with a pain specialist, installs morphine pumps, kept me well drugged for over 10-years.

    I coined the term, ‘Walking Rigor mortise’ to describe it. I feel like my body is turning into stone. No answers for 30-years. I found a Functional Medicine doc who now has his practice in ruins. Went to OHSU in Portland, they mentioned Lyme. Hurrah! My pain doc did too! I’ve built a great team but no Lyme Literate

    Finally, a friend with Lyme said, ‘Deb you have Lyme’. Finally, on this Amtrac journey, I found out why I’ve been increasingly sick. In fact I nearly died with cardiac issues last Summer.This is me very excited to finally talk to the right doctors. Turns out, I do in fact have Lyme

    Yet, I’ve finally broken the glass ceiling. I rode Amtrac to the bay area to see one of the top 10 LLMD in the country. I’ve known for two years (via a buddy) I had Lyme.

    3-3-2014 got diagnosed. In treatment finally! W hoot hoo, happy dance. Let the treatment begin.

    I then started a support group:
    This is a positive, supportive group created to join Oregon Lyme patients, their families & friends. Together this community can alter the horrible legal & medical barriers to proper diagnosis & treatment. We will be a direct action group as well; flash mobs, projector events all over the city, signature gathering, protests, writing campaigns, information booths at events and more. It’s gonna take the whole Eugene village to move this mountain together. We welcome as well all citizens of Oregon, no matter what city you live in.

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